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Pakistani UK Restaurant Chain Owner Urges Others To Sell Pakistani Cuisine With Pride!

We LOVE a good Pakistani success story. But you know we absolutely LOVE a good Pakistani success story where the focus is on the positive promotion of Pakistan! Our country has a lot to offer but perhaps the most important attribute is an unconditional love for our nation’s culture and heritage.

And what better way to represent who we are and what we stand for than by the promotion of our food?!

Source; TripAdvisor

A lot of Pakistanis migrate to other countries for multiple reasons. Be it for education, for vacations or even to make a life abroad. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Because you can do a lot for your country even if you don’t live in it. That’s where top restaurant boss and proud Pakistani restaurant owner, Raja Suleman Raza comes in!

After making a name for himself by opening a successful restaurant chain in Britain called Spice Village, Raza has made it his mission to advertise his food as authentically of Pakistani origin and now as per a news report by The News, he has urged other Pakistanis to follow in his foot steps and do the same.

The problem is that due to some similarities in our cultures and tastes, most find it easier to market their food as Indian rather than for what it truly is. Raza, however, thinks it’s a great disservice to the amazing cuisine that our land has to offer! And we have to agree!

Source; Spice Village

According to the food tycoon who also holds several food awards, there is quite a bit of difference between the two cuisines especially in terms of some of the spices and flavours we use.

“I proudly go around and tell the world that I am a Pakistani, my restaurants serve Pakistani cuisine and I am proud of it. I have been doing a great business by marketing my business associated with Pakistani name and Pakistani food. It’s unfortunate that hundreds of Pakistani restaurant and takeaway owners in Britain don’t want to be associated with the Pakistani name and instead use ‘Indian’ name to do business.”

He further added, “I call on all such restaurant owners to reconsider their approach, be true to yourself, your origin and be proud of Pakistan. This will give you more respect and credibility than anything else.”

Raza’s story is much like that of any other hard working immigrant when he moved to Britain to take on the role of a chef in a Brixton restaurant which he dreamt would soon translate into his own restaurant.

He finally accomplished his goal and opened up the first Spice Village way back in 2004 where he wasn’t just the owner but also did the cleaning, the cooking, washing and even delivered the food!

Now, the success of his food chain speaks for itself as people come in from far and wide to try his Pakistani food. The brand has even expanded out all over London and attracts people of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and even Indian origin!

Staying true to the Pakistani Muslim identity, Raza is of the opinion that his food speaks louder than wine, “I always thought it would be more challenging to bring people in without alcohol. However, I believed if we would be good enough, we could do that. I don’t believe in alcohol and do believe in getting customers intoxicated with the power of spices – a much healthier option.”

We admire the amount of love and passion this man has for his country; a true example of what it means to be a proud Pakistani!

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