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Premature Graying of Hair

Why though?

In recent years, children with gray and white hair have started coming out more often than not and when you consider the possibility of your child’s hair turning gray, you are bound to feel anxious. It was previously extremely ambiguous as to why this phenomenon was occurring but within a few months scientists were able to crack the codes and not only that but find a cure (kind of) for it as well.

Causes of Premature Grey & White Hair In Kids

One of the most prominent reasons for premature grey hair is the shortage of melanin in your child’s body.

While there are numerous others, a standout amongst the most noticeable reasons for untimely silver hair is shortage of melanin in your child’s body. The human body contains melanocytes that contribute to the creation of the hair color called melanin. At the point when your child’s body can’t deliver enough of the crucial color, the hair has a tendency to become rather transparent, or gray.

Truth be told, the shortage of melanin is the main reason that can make the hair turn white. Usually, age is the factor with which melanin creation in a human body reduces which consequently triggers the beginning of white and silver hair. In any case, here we take a look at other conceivable reasons for untimely gray hair in children:


One of the main factors that contribute to untimely turning gray of hair in children is the genes they have. When the child has a family history of hair turning gray in early childhood, the likelihood of untimely gray hair in the next generations is moderately higher than in ordinary children.

Medical Disorders

Certain childhood disorders like neurofibromatosis, Vitiligo, Waardenburg syndrome and tuberous sclerosis apparently induce the loss of hair pigmentation. One must consult a doctor in such cases.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Researchers presume that insufficiency of Vitamin B12 in your child’s body triggers hair to turn gray prematurely.

Children following strict vegan weight control plans are at a higher danger of risk of suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency and in this way may encounter untimely gray hair.


Excessive genotoxic stress due to high exposure to ultraviolet light and radiation triggers the onset of premature greying of hair in kids.

Synthetic Shampoo and Soaps

A major factor that leads to premature greying in children is the type of shampoo and soap they use. Many such artificial products contain chemicals that extremely corrosive in nature and hold the capability to damage your scalp and hair quality as well as triggering premature greying.

Exposure to Cigarette Smoke (both Active and Passive)

Smoking is one of the disturbing causes in charge of untimely graying of hair in kids.

It initiates oxidative stress in your kid’s body which effectively reduces the pigmentation capacity of the melanin, and your kid experiences premature greying of hair.

Dietary Habits

Eating a lot of sugary starch meals, candies, chocolates or any nutrition’s may result in excessive consumption of that nutrient which may result in the premature graying of hair.

A Word of Caution:

  • Stop your child from removing the gray hair by plucking them.
  • Never apply harsh synthetic hues on your child’s hair.
  • Limit your child from utilizing an excess of warm water for a shower.
  • Limit your child from eating excess hot, sugary or fatty products.
  • Consult a doctor, always, before doing anything at all

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