Prince William Cheats On Kate With Her Best-friend…Like Father, Like Son?

Every colonized country is still very much obsessed with the Royal Family years later as well. Especially Pakistan. Our love for Lady Diana is what hooked us to this entire family. Though for most, there wasn’t any like Lady Diana we all did fall in love with her kids and so we felt the same love when they got married as we would have felt for our own sons – at least my mother did!

One other reason to love the Royal Family is the drama, it is just another realistic, saas-bahu, drama serial and we desi’s love some good ol’ spicy gossip.

Recently, something rather nasty has surfaced the ground and while the media is being told to shut up about it, we all know nothing stays hidden in the age of social media.

Previously word was going regarding a dispute between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. However, now that they have been put to rest, the new drama has erupted and his one seems to be far more serious than what we were dealing with before.

The rumor is regarding Prince William who had been getting a little too comfortable with Rose Hanbury while Kate was pregnant with their third child.

Yeap. The heartache.

Well, who is Rose Hanbury and why is she inclined to ruin things between Kate and William? Rose is a former model and is married to David Rocksavage. The two are neighbor’s of Kate and William and are also close friends and confidants as they too belong to the same social circle.

The two, Kate and Rose, had a falling out and no one knew the exact reason up until a piece of shocking news went viral, courtesy to British Journalist Nicole Cliffe. In a thread on Twitter, she exposed Prince William of having an affair with Kate’s former best friend Rose which became the reason for their falling out. The story was picked up by ‘In Touch Magazine’ who also suggested that something was definitely up.

Apparently, when William was confronted with this matter by Kate, he just “laughed it off” saying there was “nothing to it.”

One fellow was smart enough to take screenshots just in time before Nicole was forced to take the thread down.

The sad part is that Meghan got dragged into this dirty business when she had only performed her role dutifully during the pregnancy as well. People even trolled media for not playing their part and instead of stirring something that was not even half the truth.

Harry’s choice of choosing Meghan has been a hot topic ever since they got married but to use her as a scapegoat is another thing. This is another reason why Harry and William weren’t on talking terms either.

The Royal Family has not said anything regarding this matter and people are assuming that they are just waiting it out till the arrival of Harry’s and Meghan’s baby so everything can be brushed off under the rug.

If the rumors turn out to be true, it would be rather sad as adultery was the reason why Lady Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage fell apart which eventually led to her demise.

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