Priyanka Chopra ‘Bollywood Does Not Commodify, It Beautifies Women’, Criticises People’s Choice Beauty of The Year Award After Accepting It

Priyanka Chopra was announced by the ever so famous and prestigious magazine ‘People’ as one of their 2019 ‘Beauties Of The Year.’ The  Indian actress that likes to be called a global citizen and not just Indian now that she has married in to an American boy, Nick Jonas, was named along with Hollywood personalities like Brie Larson, Kacey Musgraves, and Jennifer Garner as one of the most beautiful women, of the world. However, she then went on saying to the magazine that she thinks that their standard of beauty, is very unrealistic. We can understand that it is hard to keep up with the slit throat red ocean beauty trends and competition and high expectations that only purge even more with every new threshold met.

Bu, boy, oh boy, oh boy, don’t you look happy receiving the award, what part of it is not good again? Okay, not being skeptic or judgemental, let’s give her statements a critical look.

Priyanka Chopra poses in the press room with the award for favorite TV drama actress at the People’s Choice Awards at the Microsoft Theater on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Let’s go back to simpler times. Not too long ago. Just about a few.

This came out right after the Delhi gang-rape incident, almost 6 years ago.

Hereby, in the interview, you see two opinions, one of a staunch hardcore, all in leftist feminist and on the other side we have beauty of the year, a very very non-feminist, product of patriarchy sitting here telling us that what Bollywood cinema or the Indian Film Industry as they now like to call it, does is not essentially the commodification of women, it is the beautification of them.

Now this statement as you have guessed it is very very flawed, on numerous levels, number one being the fact that darling, please don’t deny the very journey of our feminist thought leaders and thinkers who have struggled to define the footprint of feminism on our minds and elaborate upon how and why does patriarchy snub women and men, to further its stronghold. Numero Uno: Get your discourse right, you are a God Damned Public Figure. 

Second, of, are women not beautiful that they need to go through the Bollywood process of beautification? However, it is also in the interest of Patriarchy that it pits women against women, and by any means, I do not wish to do so. No yellow journalism here, jump cut to the Beauty of the year interview and she says that well, yes, Bollywood does have a twisted taste in women, unrealistic and hard to obtain. It took six years, but we are finally there.

Has the body positivity set in somehow? Or is it just to future a capitalist pursuit of more screentime, longer screen career, and a greater impact of impressions on social media? If the standard of beauty is not real and you have a problem with that don’t you feel that it needs to be condemned and not accepted. Perhaps there is a contradiction there, perhaps you have grown, I know all of us to have. But, maybe we need to get our values straightened before we are ready to make any new claims from now on because damn is the world easily triggered now or what!

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