Priyanka Chopra, #MeToo and Her Across-the-Border Life

Priyanka highlighted some significant points in this interview that are worth voicing.

The biggest crossover episode in history was Priyanka’s marriage to Nick Jonas. While we all grew up watching Nick being the cute harmless guy on Disney, we were also on the lucky side of the border where we grew u watching Priyanka emerge into this magnificent actress that she is now. Her marriage to Nick wasn’t her gateway to the Hollywood industry but she had been on the show Quantico for a very long time alongside other movies too. However, the marriage was blown all over social media and suddenly everyone in Hollywood knew about her.

Priyanka was called to sit and have a chat with Tina Brown on the -’10th Annual Women in World Summit’ in New York. While she was being interviewed by her, the subject of the #MeToo movement was brought up.

The #MeToo rapidly picked up when influential figures came out with their stories in Hollywood, giving other women courage to speak up about the injustices against them. It soon had a global outreach and echoed in various parts of the world.

Ever since it erupted all over the world, many celebrities and empowered women have come forward to share their experiences. Recently, among them, Priyanka Chopra also spoke up about it while she was in conversation with Tina Brown. She appeared deeply moved by the progress India has made in terms of the movement. Though she did say that it wasn’t as big as it has been in Hollywood, however, India being an extremely patriarchal and rigid society – much like ours – she has seen women come out and speak about it.

We always had a voice, nobody heard us.

But now that has changed, says Priyanka because of the support women are lending to each other, people no longer have the ability to shut them down the way they used to.

Further in the interview, when she was asked if she had faced harassment, quite sadly she posed a question to the audience and asked them to raise their hand if they had come across such thing and she raised her hand with them, however, without further diving into details.

In another talk, she cleared how whatever she faced wasn’t something recent. It happened a long time ago when she was very young.

I think people assuming that it’s very current and wondering why I am not talking about it… that’s a lot of expectation. Every woman in our country has dealt with it and I’m sure not everyone wants to talk about it publicly.”

It was quite a riveting 30-minute interview. Apart from this, she voiced her opinion regarding casting problems she had to face when she stepped into Hollywood, making sure to pick on ethnically ambiguous parts.

I said I am not gonna do that because then all you will see me is what I already know I can do. I am an Indian. I don’t need my parts to justify why I can be an actor and it would take me doing that to become mainstream enough now to actually play parts where I am my own ethnicity. I will not be considered as a niche actor or an actor who can only do that.”

Priyanka concluded the interview with her view on philanthropy and her role as a force of change in the world. If you want to know more, be sure to watch it below.

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