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Punjab Government Wants To Ban Sale Of Loose Milk; Wait Why? Because: Nestle’

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Tuesday issued a notice to Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on a petition challenging the ban on the sale of loose milk in the province.

The Swiss multinational Nestlé has been accused of violating ethical marketing codes and manipulating customers with misleading nutritional claims about its baby milk formulas among other snubbed scandals. Turns out this time it has lobbied the government to push for this decision, smooth marketing, and PR fellas.

Which Milk is Better? Nestle or Loose Milk?

While Pakistan is a solely agro-based economy, the stress on packaged, pasteurized milk is insane. While so many of us drink milk from our own cows, from our own farms, or the milk of Australian cows that can go bad in a day with brands like Prema and Anhaar, that say that well they are hormone and additives free, Nestle still has a very aggressive lobbying power and PR prowess. However, farmers from across the nation and across Punjab produce a lot of milk. While some may be diluted and watered down to make more profit, some may or may not be clean, the rest is top notch, most milk producers have shifted to refrigerators, sanitized production techniques and better storage and delivery systems, we don’t hear any of it? Why?

Rewind to a year or two back. During the Punjab Food Authority reign, the sudden outbreak of Lahori’s eating donkeys came up, why? Because of all of the Poultry farms owned by Hamza Shahbaz that were in direct competition to Mutton, this meant if the issue was blown up with the help of a few scapegoats, puns, puns, puns, things can be very fruitful for all the poultry producers which essentially are more dangerous through hormonal feeds, Okja-like farms, and injections for growth.

Similarly, if loose milk is banned, what will the Pakistani market be left with? More than 20 years of Khalis Hi Sab Kuch Hai AKA Nestle Milk.’

So, the government is obviously pestered into passing laws and aiding the legislature in favor of the big Multinational instead of the small-scaled scattered farmers. And yes, Nestle is THAT strong enough!

Remember the Nido scandal? Well, yes, if you are wondering Nido is just powered vegetable oil plus some calcium and probiotics that are artificially added, no matter how much Siddy Says or Dr. Muzna says it’s healthy. It’s not.

The Government is the biggest Milk seller:

Healthy, thus promoted? Or promoted thus healthy? Many small scale researchers and whistleblowers claim that Nestle uses animal waste, hormones and added colorings as well as foaming agents to enhance the flavor and texture of its milk, but, who looks into those claims? Nobody. Why not? Because like the U.S. has big pharma, we have big Nestle. They don’t want you to know this, you do not.

What is Milk?

Essentially the need to drink milk is constructed through marketing, globally, just to benefit companies. The consumption and reliance on milk and the need to have it as the only and sometimes most important source of calcium for people are all shaped that way through decades of advertising hammers, funded researches, and other Public Relations tools.

All of this, apparently, according to many scientists and Vox Media, is really crap that was shaped by amazing lobbying through adverts, researchers and milk companies. But, well, I really don’t expect the Punjab Government to know that before they make their policies:

But this time all the poor farmers, all the honest milk producers, all the local men, and women are at stake. Just like Monsanto killing the farmers market in the U.S, we today see that the big companies are stomping and marching right past the poor and harmless, just to mark their territory with their power and the legislature on their side.

It is our duty as citizens, as parents to our unborn children and as the generation that relies on social media to call these people out and air the unheard opinions, because if all news and all newsmakers are on the big multinational’s side, our farmers will lose the battle in no time, with an unfair fight. It is up to you and me to stop this, and we will. By the power that God vested in our thumbs, and fingers and the power in our phones.

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