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Reasons why you need a pet now

Animals are such great creatures which as humans we do not appreciate enough. Here are some facts I believe as to why animals are great companies, great pets, and good for our well being.

1. They are so adorable!

Just looking at their cute faces instantly makes you a much happier person. No matter if it’s puppies or dogs, they are all so cute!

2. They instantly make you a happier person.

It has been scientifically proven that animals make human beings happier. Knowing they are always there for you through the good and bad times means so much to people when they need company.

3. They are great companions.

Your pets are always home waiting for you or wishing you were home! Their whole world revolves around you and their world would not be the same without the love of their owners!

4. They give you unconditional love no matter what!

No matter how you feel at the moment, your animal is always there for you. No matter what your physical characteristics are they will always love you!

5. They do not talk back to you in a negative way.

Some parents love their family pets so much because they can’t talk back like children can. They do communicate with you but in a positive non-verbal way.

6. The bond you create with them is unbreakable.

The more time you spend with your pets, the more of a bond formed with them will keep growing! The bond you share with your animals becomes so rewarding. They become rewarding because you understand their personality, actions, and motivation. You can sense whether they are sad, happy or mad. As a pet owner, the bond you create with your pets is the most memorable.

7. We are their world and they are our world.

Our pet’s world would not be meaningful if they did not have their owners. They would not have their owners to look forward to seeing them every day, playing with them and loving them.

8. They bring us comfort during sad times of our lives.

Whenever we are going through rough times or are experiencing anxious moments, I know for myself that my pet always brings me happiness! Just knowing they are always there to welcome you when you come home makes life a little easier and happier!

9. The bond both of your pets make.

The bond that all of your pets make is such a precious experience to witness. Thinking that, when you first saw these two animals meet you thought they would never be friends, but as time went on, they became the best of friends.

10. The best feeling as a pet owner is seeing the excitement they have right when you walk through your front door.

The best feeling as a pet owner has to be coming home from a long day of work and seeing your pet thrilled to finally have you home. This makes up for all the hard times you might be having during your long day of work.

11. When they understand the tricks you taught them, it’s a great feeling!

Training an animal can be challenging but after you see improvement, it is the greatest feeling. Teaching them new tricks and maintaining their obedience is important as a pet owner. So once you see improvement this motivates you and your pet!

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