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Respect Teachers; Why?

Simple Reminder

I sometimes just want to quit my job. Being a teacher is much more demanding than one might imagine. To begin with, teachers have to face the dilemma of waking up every day at 6:30, maybe even earlier to first tend to their family members and then get ready themselves for school.

The trauma I got as a child at waking up so early just increased in amount as now I had to wake even earlier and I had so much to do at the beginning of the day.

These high levels of stress usually result in me feeling queasy and as a child, I could vomit my way out of it and stay at home. Now, work means money. If I want money I need to go to work so vomit just became a useless excuse which was a normal thing and it didn’t really matter much anymore.

Continuing, many believe that once they become a teacher they’ll be that cool teacher that everyone likes. God how wrong that thought process is. Firstly, that cool teacher that we all like, I salute them.

I don’t know how they have so much patience and tolerance to handle the stress and tension kids cause in us but boy oh boy, are they like gods among us the teacher with superhuman abilities.

Usually, the easy way out is to be the strict teacher we all hate as being strict not only can you get your point across but you also do your job pitch perfectly… though then you lack on one major thing, kids happiness.

It’s those joyous faces that give life to teachers but also those very same naughty habits that suck the life right out of us.

An easy way out in disciplining kids and to make sure they do work is by giving homework but that is not something we enjoy either. Giving you homework means we have to do extra work at home because do remember we have to check every student’s homework as well and also on a comparative scale on how that individual performed in his previous tests.

Furthermore, being fair and not finding a favorite student is next to impossible. We all end up with favorites but whether we express it openly or not is an entirely different thing but we all do have student favorites (period).

Coming back to the initial start, sometimes I just want to quit my job. Why? Because the constant nagging and shouts and cacophony of the kids sometimes become so unbearable, the kids sometimes infuriate me so much, make my blood pressure elevate so much… that I just want to quit my job.

… but there is one thing that always pulls me back.


Appreciation how?

It’s at the end of the year when the students after getting the result they so desired and in extreme bliss, they call me or text me such long messages of appreciation that I can’t help but be happy in their happiness. This is what I think is my motivation and that is what calls me back and wakes me up every day at 6:30 in the morning.

Some days I do feel it is not worth it… let me tell you that it is.
It is worth it in the end.

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