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Secrets spread Distraught

Baseless Rumours

Hello, sweet grief, I know you’ll be the death of me.

Why you ask? Because rumors that have no power have spread and as we all know: rumors spread like anything, like wild fire in a forest: spreading havoc where it even lays a single touch upon.

It is just so weird. It was but one conversation. One standstill conversation that I had with him and people think I am… preposterous to even think, more so to say that I am, into him or that we are in a relationship. For God’s sake. None of that is true.

Here’s the misery that knows no end so I am doing everything I can to make sure I never love again. Just a little bit tired of you. I wish that there was a reason to say any of this but neither have I loved before, nor I plan to anytime in the near future but fate chose a harsher path to roll.

Just a little bit lonely for you. Just a little bit high, get out of my mind. Cause I can’t stop thinking of you. Feel a little bit sorry, but I wanna get on it with you. I don’t wanna waste time. I don’t wanna say bye. No.

You need to be able to support your “false claims” and these “baseless” rumors that you spread before slandering my respect. Do you even know how much of a shame it knows people think so wrongly of you? Do you? Do you? Well of course you don’t because men’s small little ego doesn’t constitute for this kind of embarrassment.

I wish that I did not know where all broken lovers go. I wish that my heart was made of stone. Goodbye my love. You are everything my dreams are made of. You’re the Queen and I’m the crying dove who knows no peace and shall not, forevermore.

I was going about my way, to the cafeteria to eat something before my next class when Jake came and started talking to me. Sure, it was weird that Jake, the most famous guy in the school due to his hot looks and who everyone had eyes on just randomly came and started talking to me but I was busy in my own stuff so I pretended to ignore him but his words caught my attention and I was affixed at my position, as if he had really said that.

You’re playin’ with my head, playin’ with my heart, playin’ with my body.

“Who told you?” I questioned him. I demanded an answer. He said, “I guessed it.” He smiled and his stupid smile brought a small smile on my face as well. He was the second one to guess the secret.

You tear my heart out in just the perfect way.

Living in such a conservative society, I obviously can’t say it aloud, but seeing that my name isn’t being published in this article, let me get you in.






Lyrical Phrases credits:
Alan Walker
Charlotte Lawrence

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