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Self Assisted Medical Abortion: Our only hope?

The times have changed, and they are changing. With whatever that is happening in Alabama, and all that happens every day, like many women committing suicide because they have an egg and a sperm cell playing around in their tummy of a man that the world does not know is with her, or was with her, or has been with her, it is imperative to talk about abortion.

What is Self Assisted Medical Abortion?

Medical abortion is whereby the pregnancy is super short, less than 12 weeks, and is done by pills only. Ie. medically or medicinally through taking a few does of the pills and aborting the fertilized egg right away. It is said that it is 97-99% effective, it does are taken seriously and completely. Three doses of (4 tablets in each) can complete the abortion.

Although globally there is a combination of 2 pills that are taken to complete the process, in Pakistan and in many other areas of the world, the process can be done effectively with only one pill that comprises of Misoprostol, 800mg in each dose. This pill is available everywhere. And in case of complication, any clinic can perform a quick d&c to rid any remaining tissue or sac, if any.

How is it different than a surgical or aspiration abortion?

The surgical process is for more mature pregnancies, and it is more invasive than the pills. Pills can be done at home, this has to be in a clinic or medical facility. Pills are basically self-administered and can be done in the company of a friend, whereas the surgical process usually takes more time and requires atleast 24 hours under the observation of the doctors and nurses.

Pro-life or Pro-choice?

People in Pakistan have mixed belief systems, they want to justify religious things without knowing what the religious allows or offers grounds for because of mansplaining Mullahs, and they will use arguments of Republicans saying life blah, blah, blah and shit. THERE IS NO LIFE IF YOU DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE ABLE TO, TO WANT TO, AND TO AGREE ONTO GIVING THE CHILD THE LIFE IT DESERVES. If you can’t, there is no life! You can not give a child a life that is a liability for it, all its life.

If you can not guarantee that you can protect your child, love it and give it a quality life at this stage, it is best to make a wise decision and for the sake of all that is human, stop the gestation, waste no time and have safe sex!

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