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Seven Things Feminism Isn’t About: Demystifying Gender Emancipation!

Tired of hearing baseless arguments? Here’s how to explain feminism to the masses!

Feminism. The word you can’t use these days without a vicious crowd banging down your door, with their torches and swords – ready to decapitate you lest you spread more of your vicious lies about – gasp – gender equity!

What an absolutely foreign concept! Who would’ve thought?

Sarcasm aside, the fastest way of gaining knowledge about a concept is to understand what it is not. That way, not only can you clear up any misunderstanding but it’ll help you deal with the idea in a more efficient manner. Following are ten things that feminism definitely isn’t about, and one thing it absolutely is. Read on to get to the bottom of this mysterious, mind-boggling ideology.

Feminism is not equal to sexism against men.

If your friend X claims to be a feminist but all she does is drag men through the mud all day long, then surprise! Not a feminist. The exact term for that is misandry – hating men.

If you’re against feminism simply based on your experience with some misandrists then you’ve been very short-sighted and hasty in your judgment.

In any case, feminism acts as a neutralizer against sexist vitriol so confusing both these ideologies is not going to help anyone! Don’t assume that feminism is a man-hating club run by women, just to degrade men – that is definitely not the objective, don’t fool yourself.

Feminism is not hating women who make different choices.

I’ve heard this argument time and time again but no, feminism does not mean tearing down women who would prefer to be housewives or have kids rather than pursuing a career and vice versa. The entire point of feminism is to be supportive of the choices that different women make and to encourage them to not give in to the societal pressure of making the traditional choice. Feminism advocates for the freedom of making your own choices not deciding what choices you can make.

Feminism is not connected to sexuality. Not all feminists are lesbians or bisexual. 

Surprised? We are too!

Seriously, everyone, you could definitely come up with better jokes. Just because someone is a feminist does not mean you can assume that they will definitely be a lesbian. The key is to mind your own business, folks!

Feminism isn’t about stripping men of their masculinity. 

Feminism does not hate chivalry.

Yes, you can still hold doors open for women, pull out chairs for them and pay a check if you want.

Feminism is not equal to the death of all traditional values; only those values which are inherently harmful to both sexes. Like catcalling, pursuing women even when they’re not interested – yeah, those aren’t really traditions and they’re not a show of masculinity. For those who think feminism wants men to be soft – no – feminism is about getting rid of toxic gender norms that lead to emotional disturbances.

Feminism isn’t a movement to make women superior over men.

Two words: gender emancipation. Feminism isn’t designed to somehow help women take over the world –  if you’re plagued by this nightmare that supporting feminism will somehow result into women ruling us, rest assured, you’re not a pawn in some great conspiracy.

Feminism isn’t just for the privileged.

If your main argument for being against feminism is that it’s somehow led by privileged people who just want the right to be able to do whatever they want then your judgment again shows severe lack of insight.

This campaign is one of awareness, it aims to spread awareness about those rights which the underprivileged are unaware of and to help them raise their voice against this violation of rights that happens every day.

This can only be done by those who are educated enough to work towards the goal – it does not make them privileged.

Feminism isn’t about hating all things usually seen as ‘feminine’.

You’re no feminist if you hate women who like the color pink. Or those who like to use makeup every day. Really, you’re not.

It’s fine if you dislike typically feminine things but it’s not okay to hate on other people who like these things

. Saying ‘I’m not like other girls’ does not mean you’re somehow more of a feminist or even cooler. Sorry.

Though, here is one thing feminism absolutely is about.

Gender equity.

So before you jump on the baseless rumor bandwagon and develop an aversion against something as close to common sense as this, read up on this ideology and stop needlessly hating on a movement that simply aims to protect people and give them equal rights and opportunities. Shocker!

Here’s to a new beginning for strong, empowered females who will stop at nothing to get the rights they deserve!

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