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Sex education DOES NOT translate to sudden coitus!

Contrary to the generic idea of sex education, it is not entirely about the intercourse or it definitely doesn’t result in one.

In our society, sex education has become a taboo that must not be spoken about until the last moment before the consummation of marriage is to take place. This culture lays basis to many problems that arise for not only the newly-married couple but also for their immediate relatives.

Women who are broken, scared and shattered after the night of marriage are forced to smile and celebrate the very next day, to uphold the expectations of society. They have to doll up and be presentable even if the night was a nightmare, as in our society women are obliged to please men, and if they fail to do so they are assaulted.

lack of sex-ed

How can people expect them to please men when they literally don’t know the basics of sex? No one can become a master by a 15 minute ultra-concentrated, hard to digest knowledge of something that has been FORBIDDEN to them thus far.

Also, when you get sex education (a lot of my cousins live abroad and they have told me all the details.) you are basically learning how to be safe and precautions, it’s not all about intercourse. My cousins have all had sex education while they were pretty young, and surprisingly enough,

they are still virgins and the knowledge had not led them astray or into the inescapable life of a sinner.

Sex education is a must for every society. Especially in ours, where sex-related diseases are spreading faster than we would have ever imagined, and yet their treatment is not availed. Because people are shunned to speak about them, they are lead into believing there is something wrong with them which cannot be treated. It is as if our reproductive system exceeds the medical boundaries and is something that is so sacred that no one but one’s marriage partner, who is denying-ly also oblivious to its proper functioning, should cater to.

safety over shame

We have to spread awareness about the difference between keeping things private and seeking medical attention when one requires, and the difference between being ,

uncivilized and talking about shameful acts” and getting the essential education to live a healthy and happy life.

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