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Sex Education Will Teach You More Than You Could Ever Get Out of Books or the Internet!

Use a condom, use birth control pills, don’t have unprotected sex, masturbate, foreplay, foreplay, foreplay… that’s all there is to sex education classes, right? Teaching you which part goes where; cautioning you not to have babies because our economy is already in shambles but more importantly the BLAME, how dare you dishonor my family! And all sort of regular crap that I quite frankly knew of before any of us even took this class.

Why would want to sit for this when you already know how it’s done? What’s the point of sex education anyway?

However, what I’m about to tell you will change a lot of things for you. Recently my most profound discovery has been on my best friend’s Netflix, like the freeloader that I am. I stumbled upon a show called Sex Education. Now you might have two views in mind, one; that it might be very science-y, and two; that it might be full of raging hormones. Well, to make it easier for you, it’s both!

Considering the fact that no one would teach us these things, especially not our parents, it would be very beneficial for you.

I highly recommend this to married couples who are still boning because you lot needs it WAY more than the singletons.

So, to briefly give you an idea of what it is about, Otis is a high school kid whose mother is a sex therapist. Maeve studies with Otis and she is a high school cool girl stereotype who is a rebel. Otis is a loser, Maeve is a reject, perfect combination. And, this is not the reason why we want you to watch the show. Moving on, one of their classmate Adam has a problematic sex life which Otis talks him out of it while Maeve is there. She realizes that Otis has a talent for it and they come up with an idea to give sex therapy in exchange for money. And so begins the adventures of Otis and Maeve and their sex clinic.

The main reason why I am sitting here typing all of this out is that it is a brilliant show. They deal with different aspects that could be having an effect on one’s sex life and your relationship. What we won’t hear from someone is how much your sex life affects your relationship with your partner.

Otis deals with different couples through this show which you could apply to your life as well. It has individual advice as well, which concerns people and their issues with themselves. You can’t please your partner if you do not know what YOU want.

I see a lot of girls going around bashing men for not being able to make them orgasm but the truth is whoever you are with is not going to know it magically. You need to communicate what you want which is why self-exploration is very important. Knowing how you feel about yourself will help you have great sex.

Sex Education will teach you more than your Biology teacher could ever or any Cosmopolitan article. Throughout the show, Otis counsels teens worried about their bodies, their desires, and their relationships. It combats with issues that we as teenagers face; one of my favorites was when a girl tries to slut-shame another by sharing the picture of her vagina. I mean who hasn’t had a girl spreading false rumors about them just because our moral compass didn’t align with theirs? EVERYONE.

To sum it all up, Sex Education is less about the technical stuff and more about the intimacy. Which by the way, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have lewd masturbation jokes and nudity. But at the heart of it, all our relationships: with your mother, son, best friend, sexuality, and with yourself.

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