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Sexual Impulse in UBER

Yes, it exists

“Uber?” I asked in my most stern voice but being a teenager, the softness was ever visible and he put down his phone and smiled back with a small nod. I looked at him with no emotion, smiled back in respect and made my way to the passenger’s seat. While sitting down, I put my bag in the back seat and made myself comfortable by adjusting the seat and putting on my seatbelt.

“Bahria Town?” he asked. I replied in the affirmative and took out my phone not wanting to make any further chat with him. He being sensible enough, or so I thought, got the message and refrained from further small gossip.

“kachik Kachik” the car made a sharp stop at a red light. “This guy isn’t a good driver.” I thought to myself but refrained from saying anything to the man himself as he seemed the type to snap at any given moment. While I ruthlessly swore at the Uber Driver in my thoughts a beggar made his way to our car and asked for cash. The Uber driver looked at me then looked at the individual who I now recognized as one of the trans community wearing all the fancy clothes and accessories.

After examining him for quite a while, the driver shooed him away and began suddenly, “Sir, you look like a student but I had something to say. Can I say?”

I didn’t want to come off as a rude person so politely asked him to continue.

A mistake.

The Uber Driver then began his tale of how he had met so many trans individuals in his life and he believed that they were nothing more than trash who were an ugly part of the society that should be eradicated. He believed them to be so ‘filthy’ because since their childhood they had been involved in sexual relations.

While all this talk was going on, I pretended to listen to the driver all the while daydreaming about when this ride would finish. And that is what I planned to do till the end of the ride until…

Until the driver put his hands around my shoulders.

It was a sudden movement. I didn’t have time to react and before I knew it he was cracking a joke and had his arm on my shoulder. I remained stiff, not understanding what was happening here. That is when it got weird.

What I presumed as his finger ‘accidently’ brushing against my ear was, in reality, him playing with my ear. This sent a chill down my spine because I did not trust the intentions of this man now.

Maybe it was my stiffness and zero reaction but the man retracted his hand and asked me a simple question, “Have you ever tried a man?”

I was at first puzzled what the driver was trying to ask me but then it hit me.

He meant sex. He was asking me if I have had any sorts of sexual relations with the same gender.

I replied in the negative. He then humphed and showed a face of understanding as if he now understood why I showed no reaction after he had made a move.

The rest of the ride was a silent one with no touching (thankfully).

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