She Was Not…

Fear of the people

Destiny knew not what had happened for if she did, she would have chosen to die without a moment’s hesitation.

Alexandar, Destiny, and Richard were out having fun when they had the most fabulous of ideas to try out something they were always denied and what their parents would never let 17 years olds like them to have: alcohol. It was Alexandar who thought of the idea and Richard who supported it. Destiny was at first against the idea but seeing her two best friends were insisting so much, she had to comply to their demands.

Their first task was to find a bottle of scotch. Now, where would three 17 years old, who did not have a license and, who didn’t know of any such alcoholic shop, find what they required? Why search further, when you can search for your parents’ house.

All three of them knew that Richard’s Dad was always out at this time of the night for a late night walk (suspicious) and his mom was abroad, meaning his house was empty. So now was the perfect time to “ransack” the house, as they playfully said and get the bottle of Scotch and taste it for themselves.

They reached Richards house and started examining it from top to bottom for any places where they believed his Dad would hide his scotch. It was a thirst Destiny who had given up after searching for a straight hour that when she opened the refrigerator she was delighted to find the bottle of Scotch practically lying in wait for them, just waiting to be opened.

Alexander was kind enough to bring three brand new clean glasses to the table and Richard was swift in pouring the first three rounds. All three glared at the glasses and slightly hesitated to grab them but all was forgotten when they all put the glasses together, said the sacred name of Christ, and tried to drink the glass.

Being their first time, the punch was too strong for them to bear to gulp down in one go so after the first burning up the rush settled in and they started slowly sipping away the drink, at first wincing at the pain it caused, then when the intoxication hit, enjoying the numbness that had started settling in.

Before they even knew what had happened all three were out and done for. It was Richard’s Dad, who after returning home saw three lifeless bodies on his counter that he feared the worst. When he came close and examined the situation, he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that they were only out from drinking more than they could bear. It was seeing Destiny’s lifeless body that his intentions turned for the worse.

Life started normally for all three individuals for their parents acted that they didn’t know that their children had tried alcohol but little did any of them know, especially Destiny that, that night when they had tried alcohol, Richard’s Dad had tried to rape her but rather than going on with the deed, instead found her secret which she had tried to hide so bad.

Before what only Destiny and her parents knew, now even Richard’s Dad knew:

She was actually a he.

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