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Show me yours and i’ll show you Mine

The Horrid Game

What can you do to stop the children from playing the ever-popular game, “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine?”

Curbing the curiosity of children isn’t right but there are some things that they are better off not knowing at their tender age where they are too innocent to understand the difference between right and wrong. One such example is their body and the potential it holds to make another human being.

Parents need to be extremely vigilant in the scenario where their child becomes exposed to such sexually explicit material from where numerous thoughts plague their mind like what is down there and what it is for. Moreover, when they are going through puberty this is a much more common occurrence where two children left alone is not suitable as due to the hormonal changes going on in their body they are bound to be curious about what is happening to them and they may end up committing a sin from which there is no return (or if they do it with someone of their own gender they end up doing something that they should have been better off without because once the thirst begins to settle in it is truly hard to quench it or satisfy it).

If a child does it with an opposite gender and in the scenario both are of childbearing age which is quite young as well know, the children may end up becoming child parents (a pun I didn’t like to use in this context) and they will end up with a responsibility their innocent young minds are far too clear and naïve to understand. The burden is too much for them to even comprehend.

On the other hand, if a child does it with a gender with whom conceiving children is an impossibility they may end up committing the sin quite frequently and quite often to satisfy this new found thirst that has developed in them and this activity might even become a hobby for them and at this age their body is still developing and the discharge of sexual fluids at an extremely fast rate or the constant spiking of hormones is not healthy for the kids and it is bound to have detrimental effects.

To start off with, parents need to make sure that when they believe their kid is sensible enough they get done with the sex talk and make sure the kids understand even the barest glimpses of responsibility he has with his private parts and that showing them to everyone is not a thing. Moreover, he should also be aware that it is no one’s right to touch them and if someone does he has to feel comfortable in telling you so you can do something about it before your kid ends up doing the predictable.

Throughout this article, we might have portrayed child sexual activity as an extremely heinous crime and disgusting thing and we are quite apologetic for that. Some kids do not have the power to avert the fate that befalls them and they end up having sexual intercourse at an extremely young age while others experiment because they have no other output to express or vent themselves. We would just like to remind you that this article is a means to tell parents to keep an eye out for their child, to make sure that he encounters no problems, that they give their child the sex talk when he is of age and keep his actions in check so he doesn’t impregnate an individual.

Normalizing the society begins with telling the kids that some responsibilities are too much for him to bear at his age hence some actions of his are restricted.

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