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Six Silly Myths About Outer Space That Will Blow Your Mind

Is outer space really all that we know it to be?

There was a time when people believed that outer space was filled with ether, or that the moon was made of cheese and that eclipses were indications of God’s wrath. Remember how we used to laugh at those who believed them, well, turns out, we’re no better.

Of course, the wonderfully diverse genre of science fiction has blessed us with many notable movies, TV shows, and books to feast our eyes and minds on, it has also, quite accidentally and unintentionally, warped us into believing some truly ridiculous myths about outer space. Obviously, the school didn’t help either but here we are, bringing you the ten, completely over-the-top, absolutely ridiculous myths we’ve believed about everything extraterrestrial!


1. The sun is yellow.

Pop. There goes your imaginary bubble where hearts are heart-shaped and the sun is yellow. Well, guess what, the sun is a plain white color, rather like the moon, only clearer and whiter. The reason that it appears yellowish to us is that the rays from the sun become yellow tinted later on; things that burn at temperatures as high as that of the sun can only have one color – white. 

Also, unlike what you imagined, the sun isn’t engulfed by flames. Nothing as dramatic as that.

2. The Great Wall of China is the only man-made marvel visible to us from outer space.

Wrong. Honestly, this one depends on your definition of space, but if you’re imagining a great amount of distance from the Earth, rest assured that you will not see the Great Wall of China as clear as day. City lights and blurred colors, yes. Actual buildings from that far away, no. 

3. The moon has a permanent dark side to it.


It is widely believed that there is a side of the moon that does not receive any sunlight and is as desolate, empty and chilling as this author in the midst of existential dread. The truth is that different sides of the moon receive sunlight at different times.

4. The Earth is not exactly spherical

Sorry flat-earthers, it’s not exactly flat either. The truth is that there is a slight bulging across the equatorial line due to the inertia of our planet, flattening it up around the poles. These rock bulges are more apparent now due to the melting glaciers and other effects of global warming.

5. Space is a cold vacuum.

Not true. The temperature changes if you’re closer to the sun and it can actually get hotter!

6. In summers, the Earth is closer to the sun.

Again, this famous one is outrageously false. The only reason temperatures rise in summer is because of the Earth tilting further away from the sun which causes sun rays to hit us directly.

What are some famous myths you’ve heard about outer space and did you ever pause to consider whether there was any truth attached to them? Let us know your favorite myths below and stay woke! Don’t believe everything you see in movies – as tempting as that might be.

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