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Six Things I Learnt About A Levels The Hard Way

Transitioning from O Levels to A Levels is no joke. When your seniors tell you it’s hard, they’re not exaggerating. I had to learn that the hard way. Here are mistakes I made… mistakes that you shouldn’t repeat.

1.Thinking things are going to be just the way they’ve always been.

No, absolutely not. Just when you’d think ‘oh we’ve been friends for 5 years (and counting)’ a random dude will come along and literally turn everything upside down. And it’s not even just guys, its girls too. Nothing remains the same unless you’ve pinky swore at some point. One best friend you can trust your cat with is way better than a huge group of toxic friends.2. ‘A hundred rupees would be enough for buying lunch.’
If you’re like me, you’ll still ask for a hundred before you enter school but you’re also going to be super broke. A slice of pizza and juice will cost more than your life and there’s no way you can deal with that. Just accept your fate at this point.

2. ‘High school will be how it’s shown in those chick flicks.’ 

mean, yes and no! Yes because there’s always that group of mean girls but no because they’re never as cool and really can’t make your life that much of a hell.

Literally say hello to all your crashing, crumbling expectations.

(You should’ve seen at least one mean girls reference coming.)

3.‘There will be weekends!’I mean of course you’ll have weekends but all those Saturday classes and make-up classes! I don’t mean to scare you but we’re just trying to keep it real, right?

4.‘It’s going to be like O Levels but only slightly harder.’ A Levels is a whole new story. You are always supposed to be at your toes. O Levels was sitting through consecutive classes listening to the teacher ramble on about how The Americans landed on the moon (yeah, right!) whereas it’s so so so so much more than that. You need to be studying, managing co-curricular activities arranged by the school, host social events, go to competitions, win those competitions, get good grades, do your homework (I can’t stress enough on this one), study more, get in the council and literally ask for no time to breathe. It’s a no-brainer.5. ‘It’s only three subjects; how hard can it be? ’It’s really something to say that those nine subjects were a lot easier to understand and study than these three or four you’ll have except the fact that you’ll grow to love them if you opt for subs you really enjoy studying.

So that’s more like a tip for you – choose and pick subjects you’re passionate about, it will be one huge less problem in your student life.

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