Skinny Pants – Not for Men!

Is anybody else disgusted at men in skinny pants flaunting themselves, their crotch in particular? I mean we were barely over the “sagging” trend yet, the horrors we had undergone back in those days when men were fixated on revealing their cleavage, dropping their pants down just below their waist giving a glimpse of their butt-cheeks, and having half their buttocks pop out of their pants when they bent over to pick something up. DAFUQ?

And as if that weren’t enough, now they’ve made sure we do not miss out on anything. So after showing off their rear until there’s nothing more left to be seen, they’ve now plunged into setting new trend-skinny pants, putting their front on display. In such a brief time, the transition from impressive to provocative clothing has caught on among men. And it ain’t pretty, TRUST ME!

The other day while I was waiting for a friend in the parking, I saw this guy rushing downstairs with his bulge moving in a direction opposite to gravity. As painful as it may sound, it traumatized me to see his crotch bob about as he climbed down the stairs. I can only imagine how painful it must have been to suffocate your genitals by stuffing them into an outfit that is painfully tight only so you can adhere to the latest trend.

We are in thrall to fashion to an extent that we would willingly compromise our comfort over fishy trends that indicate nothing but futility. Medical researchers claim that suffocating an organ that delicate can very well result in injuries and even infertility if the practice is not discontinued. Nonetheless, we are cognizant of the fact that it is impossible to knock sense into these display dummies.

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