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She dreamt of something melancholic; it began with something happy, but quickly turned into something odd. The peculiar thing about the dream was, she was both the woman whose conscious she occupied, yet herself too. It was when she found her reflection as she stood on the pier, that she realized what had happened.

She had aged into an old woman.

Her former black hair was now completely silver, and fell in soft waves down her back, her arms; there was so much of it. She had wrinkles, and crow’s feet and her eyes were a little glassier.

“”…I think of it as a reflection upon the surface of the water. It’s a perfect, unmoving…stagnant image. I wait for the raindrops to cast ripples across its surface, gently disturbing this image but the rain never comes and it never will. So I wait, knowing it never will but also hoping it might. It’s been twenty years, and the rain hasn’t come. I’m still hoping.”

An old friend was leaning on a tree, whilst another just looked on. The peculiarity lied in the fact that they hadn’t aged a day, but she had. As the dream went on, a large ripple went through the lake, and she jolted awake.

Her eyes opened, as she was wrenched out of the dream. She wasn’t tired or even groggy but became aware of lying in an uncomfortable position. She stretched and then turned on her side, facing the rest of the room, and blinked in the darkness. As her eyes adjusted, she became horribly cognizant of a man sitting in her chair. It took her a moment to gather her thoughts before she righted herself into a sitting position.

The reality of her situation came crashing down upon her. She was still being held hostage by a possibly insane man…and she hadn’t done as he had said. The implications of her actions began to fully weigh on her. She didn’t know anything about him except the fake persona he had created to lure her into his trap. He could be capable of anything.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, she chided herself.

He studied her for a moment and then walked towards the bed. She scuttled backward and pushed herself into the corner as he sat down. This didn’t sit well with him. She barely saw his hand coming towards her, but in an instant, her position was changed. He held her over his lap by her neck, face looking down at hers, body uncomfortably contorted. Her hands automatically tried to force his off, but he ended up tightly holding her wrists away.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked her, a sneer on his beautiful face; it was terrifying to watch his face turn into this cruel thing. She didn’t answer.

“Tell me what was so hard about following the instructions; tell me,” he shook her a little, “I know you can read, so it wasn’t that. Do you not know what color a rainbow is? Or do you not know how to shower? Do you want me to show you how it’s done?”

She shook her head and tried to get away but in vain: he was already pulling her off the bed, and dragging her towards the small bathroom. She knew what he was about to do, and so began to wildly fight back.

“Let go!” She put her entire force into getting away from him, doing everything; snapping at him with her teeth, using her nails, but to no avail. He was physically stronger than her. She got more desperate as his hands began to tear at her clothes. Her voice rose, but he must’ve finally had it with her. He smacked her hard across the face, with enough force to send her lurching back if he hadn’t been supporting her.

She instantly went quiet as she tried to process what had happened. Her body froze where it was as if a switched had been flipped. She didn’t resist even as she was pushed into the almost scalding hot water, standing naked in front of her captor.

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