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Soft IV

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The screaming had stopped an hour or so ago. It was bound to happen sooner or later, so he was glad it had happened sooner. God, did she have a pair of lungs on her? He listened for another minute, his head cocked to the side. No sound reached him. He picked up the dark green book with a smile and continued reading.

17th September,


I did it again. I know I shouldn’t have but I did and there’s nothing I can do to change it. Maybe I shouldn’t think so much about it, but he’s always on my mind. He’s everywhere else too. All I wanted was to get an A on that test, and one thing led to another and here we are now. I promised I’d meet him in the gym after school today. If I’m being honest, I’m rather excited. It’s so much fun having him do what I want. I know it’s wrong but I like adrenaline. It’s fun being bad. I wonder how Mrs. Reed would feel if she found out and the prospect of being found out is oddly…

Suddenly distracted, he couldn’t read anymore. The silence unnerved him rather than please him, so he got up to unlock the door. As he reached the opening that led into the small, deceptive entrance that held the attic, a thought occurred to him. How long could he keep her in there without her losing her mind? He was cognizant of her need for simulation, always a busy little bee that girl, so he didn’t think it’d take long for her to break. Yet another question rose; did he want to break her in the first place? Would that go against what he had in mind for this lengthy rendezvous?

He had all the time in the world to have those questions answered, so he leisurely went inside anyway. Although he had a preference for the modern variations of ensuring captives stayed where he put them, he couldn’t bring himself to diminish the charm of the place, hence the rusty key he was inserting into the lock. He put it in his pocket before entering the room then, quietly shut the door behind.

A look at the room and he felt pity for the poor thing trapped inside of it; plain and boring, the place had no personality whatsoever, contrary to its reluctant occupant which was exactly why he’d chosen it. He didn’t like the conflict that rose up inside of him at the state of the place. When he’d made the acquisition, it had been filled with a strong imprint of its previous owner long after their death.

He exhaled on a sigh. There were some things you just had to do.

Despite that train of thought, he moved towards the closet with a smile. At first glance, the open closet looked perfectly normal, although the lack of color coordination still irritated him. If only she would listen. He stepped inside, ducking his head and reached for the little latch on the right. Undoing that, he slid the hidden door aside. There was a wooden platform a short distance away from the door, and a little space between the two. He crouched down and looked below.

For a moment he couldn’t find her, it was so dark. An irrational thought occurred to him for a second before he brushed it off. It’s not like she could go anywhere.

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