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She was already looking up at him. In the dark, it was impossible to make out her expression, but given the racket she’d been making a while ago, it couldn’t be anything good.

“I think it’s time we get you out of here,” He suggested as if she had any choice in the matter. When she didn’t answer him, he bent down to grasp her by the arms and lifted her up. A slight hiss escaped her; she was probably sore from not moving so he tried to be gentle. He supported her until she regained her balance, and then sat her on the bed.

She wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to hide from him, but there wasn’t much point to it.

“Do you think if you try hard enough to not look at me, I’ll somehow disappear from the room?” He teased, as her head flew up towards him.

“You…locked me. In a closet,” she hoarsely spat out, but stopped to collect herself as his expression slightly cooled, “I apologize if I don’t feel too good about having to interact with you.”

“Better, much better. You’re learning some self-control,” he approved, “but we could’ve avoided all of this had you just listened. There was nothing so difficult about the tasks I had set out, which is why I was especially unhappy with you.”

She said nothing to that, but she didn’t have to. Her eyes were filled with a familiar combination of anger, pain, and disbelief he’d seen before.

“I have a problem carrying out orders from people who keep me in a place against my will,” she whispered, still looking at him with emotion swirling inside those vibrant eyes.

“I wish it could be different,” he sighed, “But it isn’t, and now I need you to do what you were asked to in the first place. Do it quickly and we’ll think of some food.”

She didn’t have the energy to pretend to be surprised. Of course, he’d make her do what he wanted, and for a little while, she’d go along. He was just a man, and there had to be chinks in the armor.

Conscious of her nudity, she walked to the dresser and pulled out black clothes. Unconsciously, she looked back at him and then flushed. It looked like wanting approval. With a heavy heart, she approached the closet and stopped short. The hidden space was open for her to see. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from it or move. She felt his presence behind her before she heard him.

“Consider this a reminder of your disobedience. Your actions will have consequences if they go against what I demand of you,” she hated his deceptively calm demeanor.

A silence grew as neither of them said anything, but regardless of that, she wasn’t really there.

She had been transported back to a dark time in her childhood. He stood behind her waiting for her to begin arranging the clothes but she didn’t. A few minutes passed and he shushed his impatience.

“Would you like me to show you where to start?” He asked her, hoping she would answer but she didn’t.. It was then that he followed her gaze, which landed upon the hiding hole; she really didn’t like it, did she? He slid the door shut and pulled her closer. Grasping her chin, he looked into her eyes.

“What’s wrong, birdie?”

She slowly blinked at him.

“I do not like the dark,” she told him, fear evident in her voice, although she was making an effort to keep her tone even.

“I know which is why you don’t want to go back in there, do you?” He was stroking the column of her throat now, irresistible because it was so soft.

“You know I don’t.”

“Then we’ll keep ourselves out of trouble,” he walked away from her, and towards the door, “I’ll check in once you’re done.”

She never got to ask him how he’d know when she was done.

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