Straight Pride Parade… What the F*ck is That?

LGBT Pride Month has kicked off and is in its full swing. People all over the world seem to be celebrating at the fullest. My timeline is indeed full of colors this month!

But amidst all this, there has to be a privileged group that wants to make things all about themselves. Much like your relatives who come and cry at your festivities JUST to ruin them, straight people are nothing short of that either.

When I first heard about it…

Recently, a group of “straight” people is asking for a Straight Pride Parade. You might think this as a joke but they have all the details worked out. They have picked a route and are now waiting for a permit. They even demanded similar accommodations as the LGBT pride parade was being given.

All of this nonsense comes from an organization called Super Happy Fun America, who want to celebrate their heterosexuality.

Yeap, folks they had to fight long and hard to openly be STRAIGHT in a country.

When the news came out, many people were outraged at the audacity of straight people. Some celebrities even roasted them pretty badly…

Some were just straight up harsh and for the right reasons…

While some were hilarious

The tweet by James Fell perfectly encapsulates my emotions and sentiments towards the Straight Pride Parade. It’s crazy for people to ask for something like this when they never had to go through something that the LGBT had to. Every single day is a straight pride parade because you aren’t living in the fear of being killed or harmed.

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