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Why to fill them carefully.

It’s that sociology major friend again, they have sent you yet another survey to fill and forward to other people. You’re tired, super annoyed, yet you would just fill it out because it’s your friend. Besides this should only take a while, right? You’re half reading half ignoring the statement, you didn’t read all the options because who has that kind of time, you’re just quickly choosing whatever makes sense to you and voila you’re done now.
This survey doesn’t ask for a name, I should probably write hilarious answers, everyone’s the same; let’s give the researcher something to laugh about.

What kind of a question is that, who asks such questions; I should just ignore this and tell the researcher to make better surveys in the question asking for a detailed response.

detailed survey

You’re just standing in the hallway some flustered and seemingly exhausted person handed you a print, oh surprise surprise, it’s a survey again, why would they need one though. They should just fill them out themselves. Why is it so long, I should randomly mark answers and send that in?

This one asks for my name, wait why do they need my name. I think I can relate to this option, and yes I’ve in all honesty behaved in that manner but what would they think of me if they saw this, I think I should mark the situation appropriate acceptable response to the question.

The semester is ending and now they think of getting responses, they’re not serious, why should I be while filling out this survey.

I should probably see what my friend has done for this one, and fill me out the same way.

I am short on respondents I think I can have one person fill out two or three or maybe I can do them myself.

^these are some of the common most horrendous things which can happen to an academic survey being conducted on or off your campus.


Surveys are one of the most common research tools being used wisely in academic circles. The purpose is to get responses from a certain sample population to either prove or disprove a hypothesis being tested.

A few things to know and consider before quickly getting over with the surveys:
a- They are not just made because the researcher is has a lot of free time at hand and has absolutely no idea how to spend that time.

b- They are of academic significance and need to be taken seriously as they are generating data that would be used for further research and making the quality of life better for you and others around you.

c- It actually takes a long time to build a questionnaire that adequately answers the research questions, the process begins from painful processes like long hours of literature review, marking down the variables, making and editing the questionnaire 1000 times before finalizing it, determining whether it asks the right questions in the right manner and going over them again to see if they are ethically appropriate to ask or not, and the countless visits to the research supervisor’s office to get a final approval for the questionnaire.

d- You’re trying to be hilarious, effort appreciated! But just don’t, you’re not only decreasing the academic value of the research, you’re also tampering with the sample size of the researcher because obviously, they’ve had to weed out your response.

e- Yes some questionnaires are probably tampering with your sensitivities asking you about the taboos, but that is the purpose of research; to shed light on every aspect, trust me they’re doing you a favor by taking the first step.

f- Yes, you’d like to fit in but you’re not doing the research or yourself any favors by not being honest about your answers so kindly represent the true you.


So the next time you are handed, or forwarded a survey, consider it something of value, something that has been put an effort into, give it your time and proper attention because it is of significance, demands honesty, and can impact how you present the exact same research they are conducting right now to your friends and acquaintances, trying to prove a point later on.


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