Surviving Results Day

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Since the last day of your exams,

you’ve been enjoying your summer break so far in a blissful state of denial about what we all know is coming – exam results day. (Shudder). Regardless of how well you think the exams went, it’s normal to feel anxious as the result’s day approaches – especially if your results will determine whether you can attend your chosen school/college/university, or enter your chosen career path or give you the scholarship that you need.

Emotions may run high, but panic not, because that’ll only make it worse… (gulp)

Think positive – and occupy yourself!

The night before exam results day will undoubtedly be tense. Endeavor to take your mind off things by doing something you appreciate or enjoy, regardless of whether it’s hanging out with friends, playing games, diverting yourself with a Netflix and chill or engulfing yourself in a book you love – essentially anything that will prevent you from worrying about whether or not you will meet your expectations or your grades will be sufficient enough to satisfy your parents.

Obviously, in case you’re feeling extremely on edge, it’s best not to restrain things. Converse with somebody about how you’re feeling, and recollect that this pressure will pass and that there’s no reason you should be humiliated about your feelings.

If you’re waiting to receive your results online, try not to get up at the crack of dawn to refresh the page again and again until the results appear – this will just make the hold up all the more agonizing. Give yourself a particular time to check, and plan different exercises to keep yourself occupied.

If you’re heading to your school to collect the results in person, it might be worth bringing along a friend or family member for support on the day – this is a particularly good idea if you’re getting there by car and they can give you a lift.

Result > Expectations

Well done! As a matter of first importance, fight the temptation to boast on each social media platform under the sun (a quick post on Facebook is fine, as long as it doesn’t read ’13 A*s! Off to UPEN guyzz’. This may be somewhat coldhearted to any peer who didn’t do as such well and will be particularly bothering in case you are one of the students who claim that they failed every exam but then turn out to have achieved the top grades in every subject (there’s always one).

Once you’ve finished jumping up and down with joy, the good news is that if you’ve achieved the grades required for your place at university or you’ve met the condition you needed for a scholarship, you don’t normally need to do anything at this stage. However, if in doubt, check this with your institution beforehand. When all is said in done, you can simply spend whatever is left of the day unwinding with peers or taking off to celebrate with a family lunch or dinner.

Once you’ve invested some celebrating, it’s a great opportunity to twofold look at that you’ve arranged your accounts, convenience, and some other imperative assignments, and do whatever it takes not to leave anything to the latest possible time! In case you’re setting out abroad for your studies, ensure that you make a checklist to not forget anything. Keep your university acceptance letter safe – you’ll need it if you’re applying for a student visa.

Result = Worse than Expected

The primary thing to say is, don’t panic! All is not lost. On the off chance that you passed up a great opportunity for getting the evaluations required for a place at your optimal college or getting that scholarship, it’s worth checking whether they may still accept you at any rate – this is particularly likely in the event that you were near the conditions you required, as well as extremely awed the admissions officers amid your admissions interview or in your personal statement. It may likewise be possible to be accepted in the event that you clarify any uncontrollable issues at hand that influenced your exam performance.

Otherwise, there may be different colleges that will acknowledge you and accept you – for instance in the UK, you can look for courses with places remaining to utilize the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) Clearing service.

You could likewise consider re-sitting your exams – check with your school and admin to see whether this is possible. While this can be somewhat disheartening, it could be an important learning experience, and a chance to interface with your center inspirations and motivations. Converse with an instructor who you feel could offer their help, and ask their recommendation on how should you proceed from here onwards, including whether you can re-sit the specific exam/s you didn’t do as such well in. On the contrary that you do re-sit, it’s crucial to invest energy recognizing where you turned out badly in your exams or coursework. Did you neglect to reconsider certain chapters or topics, or did you require more practice with past papers?

Not getting the outcomes you needed could even be a surprisingly positive turn of events (truly). You can accept the open door to think about choices, for example, certificates, apprenticeships, gap years and universal investigation.

Cheesy as it might sound, a large number of the best encounters in life are impromptu and surprising, so keep a receptive outlook. Also, whatever you choose, don’t pound yourself – despite everything you have a lot of time to accomplish your objectives.


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