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Talking About Birth Control Is No Taboo: We Are Here To Break It Down Further

Teen girls don’t want to talk to their parents about sex or the idea of birth control because they will think that the parents suspect they’re having sex. It’s the parents who’ve made this topic really uneasy to talk about which is why girls dread mentioning it. We are making it a greater taboo every passing day.

I believe that teens should have access to birth control and condoms. If a teen wants to have sex they should be able to have access to the proper protection without having to tell their parents. Sex is a touchy subject and can be and is extremely awkward. We as parents need to educate our children that they have options and give them the means to use them. When the choice has been made wouldn’t you rather your teen be on birth control and using condoms rather than risking it and getting pregnant or obtaining an STD?

Sometimes there’s the element of peer pressure where girls are prone to succumb to the dark thought processes manifested within their young brains. The more they are kept away with the idea of sexual activeness, the more hushed it is thus there’s more curiosity as to what ends it meets. It’s plain psychology. The more you’ll hide it, the more you’ll want to know it. IN this case scenario parents should rather let the kids know this themselves than have them go to an unreliable resource and risk it all. Uneasy conversations should be no excuse in any case.
If someone is absolutely set on having sex, nothing is going to change that. They’re going to do it no matter what.

The problem with needing parental consent is that this is a very awkward and scary topic for young people to talk to their parents about.

They would probably rather have sex without birth control than have to talk to their parents about it. By allowing teens to obtain birth control without parental consent, it allows for a greater chance of kids actually using it since they won’t have to face and talk to their parents about it. And what if their parents say no? It’s not going to stop them from having sex but they will not be as safe as they can.

Sex is a normal thing. Also, birth control is NOT JUST FOR SEX. It helps control hormones and regulates menstrual cycles. Not to mention you only get your period 4 times a year! Some girls want to get it without parental consent because parents only assume that it is to prevent girls from getting pregnant. Some adults just don’t get it.

If a teenage girl wants to have sex it is her choice no one else can make the choice. Yes, sex should be saved until you are older but let’s be realistic, teens do not wait.

Teens will have sex if they want to with or without consent so they should be allowed birth control so they can have safe sex.

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