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Ten Things Feminists Wish Everyone Would Stop Saying In 2019 – Part I

Here are some phrases to avoid when talking about feminism!

Being a feminist in these troubled times isn’t exactly easy.

One would think that stepping into the 21st century would mean that people would start recognizing gender emancipation for what it is – pure, common sense – but unfortunately, many are still grappling with the outrageous idea that women are also, at the end of the day, humans and need certain, basic fundamental rights for survival and development in every society. Outrageous, I know! But there it is – women deserve an ounce of respect and basic decency no matter what any institution might say.

Shocked? I bet you are.

Since it’s best to be cautious around this gaggle of angry, fire-breathing women, here are some phrases you should avoid when talking to feminists. Share this with your friends to save a life, you never know who might be their next victim!

You’re not like other girls.

Here’s the tea; we don’t appreciate being told that other women are somehow inferior to us simply because they have different tastes, opinions, and choices. Yes, all women are funny. Yes, all women are capable of rational thought and can see through your misogyny when you come up to them and start putting down other equally wonderful women.

I don’t talk to feminists, they’re so emotional and angry all the time, ugh.

Well, to be honest, so would you be if your entire sex was deprived of the right to citizenship, to vote, to education, to financial autonomy and the right to choose their own life since the dawn of time by some bearded men who thought they were emotional and hysterical. Don’t call us angry and emotional because you really haven’t been on the oppressed end of the spectrum yet.

Do you have any proof to show that you were harassed/abused/raped?

Thanks to the #MeToo movement, survivors of assault and harassment are finally coming forward to share their absolutely heartbreaking stories. In these times, please refrain from asking them for proof since not all of us have cameras on our persons at all times to record every single time it happened. This does not mean that we blindly believe all allegations, but just that a certain amount of respect should be shown to those who choose to come forward. Victim blaming is the worst and instead propagates rape culture so please refrain.

Not all men are trash.

We get it, guys. We know not all of you are trash but look, here’s the thing – if you know you’re good, if you haven’t raped, assaulted, abused, catcalled, leered and harassed a woman, then please know that it is not you that we’re calling trash. So please stop defending your sex since a lot of men do engage in abuse against women and it is them we’re calling out. Not you. Stop getting offended if you’re not guilty. It’s literally that simple.

Religion gives you all the rights you want why need feminism?

It’s important to differentiate between the rights being granted to us in theory and rights being granted to us in reality.

While religion might be giving us a lot of rights and freedom, please note that we haven’t actually received any of those rights. We’re still beaten, raped, abused, deprived of education and opportunities in these times on the basis of sex and it’s kind of hard to follow this argument when you just say it gives us rights but then don’t follow them yourself. Only use this when you actually see those legislations and laws being implemented – otherwise, it’s futile!


  1. 1) women like to judge men left and right but just want a pat on the back everytime for no reason and yes most of you are mot funny at all.
    2) So you didn’t vote your basic rights were not given to you or other women. Show me that you cannot frive get a good education and do not bring poor demograph into it because men face the same or even more problems than women.
    3)MeToo movement has been mostly false accusations and just believing everything a woman says is stupid and has cuased good men their jobs in most cases and evem after being proven innocent they did not get justice.
    4) It is like saying not all women are liars, gold diggers, or just because the guy doesn’t get believed when he says he has been raped by the women so you might not have hear dof it, after all you live your own delusional bubble.
    5) Again what rights you women don’t have…? Women have more rights than men and they abuse it all around the world whether it is alimony, false accusation etc.These rights are given to you and do not generalize a gender just because you are blind to the mental torture and in alot of cases phsyical torture when a man is too kind. Do some research majority of domestic violence starters are women.

  2. So Women are allowed openly say we hate All Men and if we are not even allowed to defend ourselves and should shut up?…….

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