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Ten Things Feminists Wish Everyone Would Stop Saying In 2019 – Part II

A continuation of the guide everyone needs for the new year!

In the previous edition of this series(https://zipit.pk/the-f-word-10-absurd-myths-about-feminists/), we looked at five, basic phrases no one should be using while making small talk with a feminist. If you thought feminists only had to deal with five redundant phrases when engaging in conversation, here’s a little surprise for you!

Championing for women rights obviously means that your character will be called into question, it will be expected of you to build your house with your own bare hands to prove your strength and you will have to stop expecting any chivalrous treatment since you’re a feminist

, though, how they both are related simply escapes this author. Here’s another list of phrases to avoid, remember, it’s better to be safe and knowledgeable than ignorant and boastful!

Boys will be boys.

How about we get rid of the age-old myth that girls mature faster than boys due to some innate characteristic that they are born with. In fact, the truth is this; we simply do not hold boys accountable for their actions as we do with girls and this, in fact, is discrimination on the basis of sex and nothing else. If we were to end the adage and start holding boys to the same standards that we set for girls, we might see boys growing up to be more successful, responsible and cautious both in their personal and professional lives.

You can’t be a feminist if you…

The only times you can’t categorize yourself as a feminist are when you either put other women down for making choices different to the ones you would make if you were in their position or you only advocate for a certain group and exclude others, whatever most benefits you.

Feminism destroys families.

If your family system is built on the continual oppression of women by depriving them of their fundamental human rights and the same opportunities that their male counterparts enjoy, maybe it’s for the best, you know.

Rape won’t happen if women cover themselves up and avoid certain situations.

Clearly not.

Rape isn’t a crime of passion, it’s a crime.

 Plain and simple. If you can’t explain other major crimes like murder with the same analogy as the ones you use when blaming women for getting raped, your reasoning is clearly flawed and needs to be corrected. Women aren’t supposed to constantly cater to the needs of men; we’re not supposed to cover ourselves up simply to help clueless, helpless men who can’t control their basic urges and we’re not supposed to avoid social situations simply because men can’t conduct themselves appropriately.

Rape isn’t a crime committed out of provocation –  remember that even children are subject to rape which goes on to prove that maybe there is something more to this than how we dress. Maybe it’s time to hold criminals accountable, not survivors.

We can’t make men understand so we should change ourselves.

No. Men aren’t born without a brain and certainly do not lack the mental faculties needed to understand something as simple as emancipation and equity. It’s time we stop excusing men from this vital discussion by telling women to hide just to make life easier for men. It’s time we reach out and speak up and teach our sons and daughters to be fearless and empathetic. It’s time we end false narratives that the patriarchy has been using since the dawn of civilization. It’s time we hold men accountable for their actions and expect them to understand things like consent, harassment, equity, and civic responsibility.

No more excuses for ignorance in 2019. Period.

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