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The Beginning of the End

Wake Up. Sleep. Repeat.


I wake up.

I hear someone distinctly screaming. As my senses slowly restart their engines, I notice that it’s not someone that’s screaming but actually quite a few people.

Firstly, there is the distinct screaming of my mom, who is ordering the servants around to properly decorate the place because ‘many’ guests are coming over today and we need to look our best. The word guests make me distort my face into a grotesque shape. I don’t like guests first thing in the morning. The word “many” just adds to my pain and discomfort.

Next, I hear the maids and servants screaming at each other to do their work properly. Someone broke a vase so the head servant is giving them a piece of their mind and someone just slapped someone because they weren’t cleaning properly. I also hear the dishes being scrubbed clean and put rapidly in the cupboards. The clanging of metal utensils is also clear, cutting through all the screams. Mingled among these screams and cacophony of noises, is also the shrieks of my little brother who is crying his heart out, probably scared because of the pandemonium present in this household.

“Same, brother. Same” I think to myself. The noise makes me want to throw up and I put my hand in front of my mouth in the shape of a cup. With a second hand, I look to find comfort in my phone but to no avail.

10 missed calls.

It sends a sudden chill down my spine. 10 missed calls. I see the number again and with shaking, trembling fingers slowly press the phone icon. My worst fear has come true.

I am late for my rehearsal.

I verify this from our Whatsapp group where Sir has tagged me in a message saying: “Hammad. Why haven’t you reached the hall? You were supposed to be here at 9:00 am. Where ARE you?”

I had a misunderstanding that I was supposed to reach at 12:00 pm today for my rehearsal but in reality, I was supposed to reach apparently at 9:00 am and my Sir isn’t happy: having called me every few minutes or so till he gave up on calling me.  The last call made was at 9:40 am, not 5 minutes prior. I lose all hope evading the biggest and worst lecture of today and decide whether to go and have to bear my Sir’s diatribe against me for coming late and not picking even one of his calls or just sleep in and have an even worse tirade the next morning.

That’s also when the sudden heat hits me.

It is just so hot. I look towards the roof and see that the fan is off. I look towards the side and see the AC is also turned off. One of the maids must have entered my room and turned off both the blessings. Due to this I have taken a sweat bath and am giving out a stench that even I can smell and makes me feel distraught and disgusted.

9:45 am

I wake up,

And I’m already done with this day.

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