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The Cosmetic Industry Lies About Aging Products

There was no generation more infatuated with the idea of immortality, and eternal youth than ours, as far as I can see. Perhaps, we don’t wish for immortality anymore, but in a depraved sense, isn’t seeking eternal youth and beauty just that?

The beautiful are the depressed and the anxious, whereas those labeled by society as “ugly,” are often unwillingly made to resent the beautiful, and give in to the pressure of testing out new products every day, to validate their own features and to meet the impossible standards of beauty set by other people.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; in a world full of blind men who choose to only see the surface through their altered sight, I think not. There is beauty in youth and naivety, yet grace and ageless wisdom in the aged. Like a fine wine, most just grow to be more beautiful. We won’t speak of the drunks, the crack addicts who lay in their cribs, wasting away, because there’s no place for ugliness in this world, is there? And because we turn the other way at the slightest notion of something other than picture perfect reality, that could possibly cause ripples in the facades of our beautiful, postcard lives, we won’t help anyone who is suffering and not on TV. Preservation of beauty is a necessity, they comment when asked, why should we fix something that broke itself?

But then comes age, and with age; turkey necks, and sagging breasts accompanied by wrinkles and that unwanted thinning hair. Somehow, we resent old age and the ruination of our precious youth, and so we flock towards remedies, and online “hacks,” that we expect will somehow put a stop to the aging, non-sense. Fret not, for the cosmetics industry has the answer to all of your wrinkly problems: anti-aging creams.

There are plenty of options to choose from: popping countless pills that preserve hormones and shape, bathing in the blood of virgins – or lotion, the same thing really – and injecting liquids directly into your skin. Cosmetics will turn back the clock, and make 50 look 30, because who wants to grow old?

Unfortunately, no anti-aging product can actually reverse effects already in place. In simple words, we’re all bound to grow old, lose our hair, have permanent frown or smile lines on our faces, and then die. If you really wish to die looking young, you might want to choose the rope at a young age, because that’s the only way you’ll look young and beautiful in your coffin of silk and satin. The industry is lying to people by putting creams that don’t do much for your skin, with quite a few zeroes in a pretty package. Rather than going out of your way to buy a small jar of cream that runs out in a week or so, wouldn’t it be better to invest your money in healthier food, to prevent malnutrition and keep your skin fresh due to the chemical, and preservative free food?

According to scientists – if you’re inclined to always believe the starting line – about 80% of the damaged skin is the result of exposure to the sun. So, guess what’s a much cheaper alternative to those anti-aging creams? You already know where this going: Sunscreen. Combine that with an umbrella and you’re good to go.

But what the cosmetic industry won’t tell you is that while their products don’t really work, they also cause harm to your skin. That’s right; these products have side effects no one bothers mentioning, so allow me.

The first risk, which no one wants to encounter, is obviously cancer. Many chemicals used in the anti-aging products are carcinogenic, or cancer-causing agents, such as MEA (monoethanolamine), DEA (diethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine), hydantoin Diazolidinyl, imidazolidinyl urea, etc. Exposure over a long period of time may even cause liver or kidney cancer.

Other side effects include rashes, allergic reactions, nasty breakouts, and even cause harm to pregnant women. Many of these synthetic skincare products contain chemicals called parabens, which cause rashes and are linked to breast cancer, a slowly developing fetus, and a messed up endocrine system, which leads to hormonal imbalance. One of the most common ingredients is propylene glycol, which directly affects the nervous system.

It is better to up the ante with your skin care routine, and eat healthy foods which will keep you beautiful inside and out, rather than spending all your savings on useless cosmetic products that do more harm than good. Another way to deal with getting older is that everyone else will do so too. So if you’re reaching the end of your life, the rest of the world will soon join you. This quest to everlasting physical beauty is redundant and puerile. Bask in the glory of age, and immortality, because you may age with grace if you stop worrying over those crow’s feet.

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