The Food In Pakistan Vs. The Food of the World

Many people say that the world is way more developed in terms of technology and infrastructure than Pakistan is. But, only a few of these can back it up, although ample evidence exists that suggests that, but in the most of these cases the opinion stems not from empirical evidence but from self-disgust and self-hatred.

But Pakistan is an Agro-based economy, apart from the steel mills, sugar mills, a lot of cotton industry, all of which hardly pay in taxes or declare all their wealth, we are mostly agriculture intensive. The world history can show that not a single nation rich in natural resource or that relied on nature for its GDP, incomes and lifestyles did anything at all for its people or served its people good.Name it and you will know that a nation’s resources mean nothing to the people of the nation or the public. Unless the businesspersons take control of those resources in their own hands via not only privatization but also more small to medium scaled business setups.

In Pakistan, farmers are given subsidies, but intrinsically these subsidies mean nothing in the face of heavy taxation, transport, maintenance, and production fees. The farmers are being cripppled and it has been a long stretch of more than 60 years of this crumbling livelihood for them.

India grows its veggies, grains, and fruits with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, this way farmers can optimize their area of expertise, work for bigger farms like Amul and reduce the costs of their own even if they can not afford the use of such high tech engineering. People specialize and the inefficient producer then becomes the labor for another, thus creating a smooth income and sane household.

Japanese farming techniques have allowed them to produce natural fruits, vegetables, grains and a lot of medicinal plants in the absence of soil, water and in just plain air. This is some next level stuff and it is highly rewarding and extremely precise. The crop takes much less space, no labor, barely any resources go to waste and life is good.

The USA produces all produce through genetically modified seeds that are disease free, they yield a good crop and they give the same results each year.

Now when you go to Pearl Continental, Cafe Zouk or Bamboo Union, or any of the sort, you see all kinds of vegetables ranging from cherry tomatoes, Chinese bok choi, wild mushrooms, etc, do you think that the product comes on ships from all of these countries? What have you lost your fairytale mind?

Turns out a handful of hydroponic farms are producing this stuff, here locally. And they are doing good. This is why Iceberg lettuce that was 6 times more pricey than what it is today, costs this cheap, it is local and fault free. And this is why I believe we are catching up to the rest of the world and its a lot better than people will tell you.

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