The Jahez Khori Band Karo Campaign: What The Reactionary Memes Tell Us About Our Culture

Since, the #metoo movement was clearly a hit with Pakistani folks, it wasn’t surprising at all when the UN Women’s campaign against dowry faced massive backlash from our patriarchy constrained people who began to react as they usually do when any movement with even a slight inclination towards feminism begins to take root in the country; Facebook and Twitter wars led the way into a meme campaign that went on to make fun of the whole thing, which wasn’t just some memes but really petty comments which serve to remind us that Pakistani people never fail to surprise the world with their condescension for anything that might make an impact, however, we all want a Naya Pakistan!

Out of 100,000 cases of dowry related crimes worldwide, Pakistan contributes a whopping 2,000 deaths every year.

Hence, we must ignore the statistics, refuse to change our ways, and contribute to the social media plague of demeaning women, all in the name of our egotistical traditions.

Before we start with the obviously hilarious memes, let’s start with something appreciable so the readers have something that doesn’t kill all of their remaining brain cells:

Here is Osman Khalid Butt, actor, director, and writer winning our hearts over as he proves that his head really is screwed on the correct way, but don’t get your hopes up just yet. We have a long way to go before you begin to believe there really is no hope for this world.

Ah, yes. This author’s pleas that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was not tried on legal grounds will fall onto deaf ears because memes are all the rage, and let the poor guy participate.

Besides, #JahezKhoriBandKaro isn’t as important as the rest of your political notion because women being killed over materials was never the priority, right?
















I…don’t Think anyone cares? It would’ve been better if the aforementioned, “Moulvis” didn’t have a – well deserved – bad reputation after their exploitative and abusive ways, but alright.

Let’s see, where have women ever been silenced when speaking up about oppression? From financial dependence to sexual harassment and now onto the disease that is dowry, let’s all shut up. Let’s never criticize the values imposed upon us, and let’s never change. Besides, the fact that anyone – and a lot of people are – has the nerve to say that women must stop searching for a groom with a six-digit salary, needs to study how women have been systematically made financially dependent.

Although women are more often than not denied education, let’s assume for this one instance they are not. This does not mean they aren’t discriminated against in workplaces and forced to work more for the same wage or sometimes less, as compared to their male counterparts. This does not change the fact that women face more sexual harassment than men in workplaces. However, all of this is only relevant if they are allowed to work in the first place, for which the reason if often that men will harass them outside of their homes. Doesn’t that mean the problem lies in our men, not the women?

Furthermore, when women are denied their right to work and provide for themselves, often being told they are good for nothing but being the brood mares of their family, raising their children, looking after all household affairs, bearing the brunt of sexual and social frustrations of their husbands, and sacrificing anything that is dear to them in the name of healthy relationships…how do they expect them or their parents not to search for someone who makes good money?

Given the terrible economy and the ever-destructive capitalism, it is fair to want to be financially stable and not have to worry about one’s next meal. Unfortunately, a five-figure salary cannot necessarily support an entire family, and that is a reality we must accept until we can change the system. It makes perfect sense that a woman would like to be comfortable in her spending if she herself cannot go work.

Moving on:

Look at that comment underneath.

Apparently, women are now gaining male sympathy by running this campaign, and need to stop. We are absolutely astounded because acid being forced down a woman’s throat because of dowry should not receive sympathy or action. 2,000 deaths, yet here we are. Besides, women get rejected every day because of abysmal reasons such as height, color, clothing preference, the length of their hair, and the most confounding of them all, being “too educated,” if there was ever such a thing.

Just admit that your bias towards freeloading on someone’s bank account isn’t going to be erased because you too, will be asking for a new bike.

The way people have reacted to this movement is rather interesting. Like the aforementioned people, who’re bringing in new aspects of what should also be banned, we must concede that many of us rise to the occasion only when we see other people, especially feminists or all that appears underneath the vast umbrella of feminism (we’re talking actual inclusiveness). Why is it that many of the things these people talk about, such as being discriminated for color in men, or only looking for financial well-being comes up only when another serious is being raised? Are we simply lazy, or do we only begin to frantically type away on social media when our own pride is being hurt?

All in all, we can only hope that Pakistan places a complete ban/moratorium on dowry as opposed to their most overlooked laws which have never be implemented or put into effect. These laws can be found here.

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