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The Male Birth Control Pill Can Dramatically SEX Up Our Sex Lives!

The basic pleasures of life come with such huge risks.

You are bound to get fat if you eat too much and you are bound to get pregnant if you are not cautious enough. Not everyone in this world is “getting it on in the backseat of their parked car” just to have a baby. But this basic need comes with such a high price if things go ever so slightly wrong. Moreover, with Pro-Lifers, it might get become an even bigger train wreck!

We all know that there are condoms, pills, injections and surgical procedures to prevent things from getting out of hand. However, condoms don’t guarantee 100 percent safety, only women can take pills, whereas the injections and other surgical procedures are a bit on the pricey end.

In all of this, men have it so easy, they just need to wrap their wee-woo in a balloon and they are good to go whereas women have to be on birth control pills to ensure they are in the safe zone. According to statistics, condoms only work 83 percent of the time, some even choose to opt out as they get frustrated by the lack of sensation or allergies. The burden of preventing pregnancies depends mostly on females. So, why must women pay a higher price for receiving pleasure??

The Technical and Social Problems with Male Birth Control Pills

Till now the major reason why it has been harder to produce a male birth control pill is due to the “biology”. It is easier to stop the ovulation process in women as it happens once a month, whereas men produce thousands of sperms daily. Thus, it gets harder to design something that would take significantly affect male endocrinology. Even if they get past that, they have to keep in mind the side effects it could have on the health.

On top of this, are the social barriers that cause a roadblock in this. Pharmaceuticals and the governments have been unsure about backing this field of study as they think it wouldn’t be fruitful. Men wouldn’t be keen on using birth control pills, however, this suspicion was proven wrong through countless studies.

Is there any hope?

Things have made a gradual shift and look a little positive. This month a trial for a male contraceptive pill showed some progress. This once-daily capsule has seemed to work with no significant side effects.

The drug is built to suppress levels of hormones that drive the production of sperm and testosterone. This month-long trial showed a notable drop in the sperm count of the men who took the capsule daily.

The pill is known as 11-beta-MNTDC and it has successfully passed its first round of rigorous human safety tests, with research from the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute and the University of Washington.

“Our results suggest that this pill, which combines two hormonal activities in one, will decrease sperm production while preserving libido,” Dr. Christina Wang from LA BioMed said in a report.

Forty healthy men took part in this trial, ten received a placebo capsule whereas the rest had to consume a 200 mg or 400 mg dose of the drug. Only a few had mild side effects like headaches, fatigue or acne. Five experienced a mildly decreased libido and two had mild erectile dysfunctional.

Hey, that’s not bad!

According to one of the doctors on the panel, the aim of this is to “expand contraceptive options and create a menu of choices for men like we have for women.”

However, with all of this in the pipeline, it could still take a decade for these pills to be out in the market, some researchers even suspect it could take more than that.

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