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The Moment of Truth- What Winning a BD Feels Like Part II

Must read: https://zipit.pk/the-moment-of-truth-what-winning-a-bd-feels-like-part-i/

Alas, we were asked to be seated as the award distribution ceremony began. My heart thrummed wildly in my chest as they began to announce the awards. The first two committee awards passed in a blur, and then finally, it was my turn.

They announced the special mention awards and the honorary mention awards. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that many of the newcomers had managed to score well in the eyes of the dais.

Then, in a specific order, the first outstanding delegate award was announced. It wasn’t me.

My heart sank somewhere deep into the clutches of the cold, harsh grasp of my ribs. Then, I saw exactly who was receiving that award.

It was the delegate I thought was competing against me!

Shock settled over me, as I heard the next outstanding delegate award…which was still not me.

Suddenly, an odd feeling poked at me.

What if…what if I really did win the award I had been gunning for?

Time seemed to slow down for me. Well, it seemed as if everything was passing by fast, but only I was slow. The lights blurred slightly, like a picture of traffic captured through the entire night in a panoramic shot.

“In particular order, the first best delegate award goes to…the delegate of Bane!”

Time returned to me as fast as the realization that I had done it, had won the best delegate award for the second time, on my second MUN conference.

The delegate of bane made their way up to the stage, grinning ear to ear, not unlike the Cheshire cat. There was something so vain in my strut up the way to the step that led me upstage, but I was beyond caring.

I thanked the patron of the crisis, fantasy committee and finally got my hands on the piece of glass, that I had earned after three days of having to convince people to join my side, lobbying, socializing, and if I’m being honest, almost screaming in frustration at the people who refused to see my side.

As my fingers touched the cool glass, I felt a wave of energy overcome me. It may have been just a piece of glass to someone, but to me? This was hopefully a second victory in the long line of many more to come. The insecurity from the previous MUN, the doubt if I actually had earned that award vanished in an instant. I could’ve sworn there was some sort of vitality leaking from the shield and into my hands, because all the weariness from the past three days had been thrust out to make place for the joy of success and achievement, especially because I knew that my mentors would soon be congratulating me.

I made my way down the stage and couldn’t resist flashing that silly, toothy smile at everyone in sight. People I knew from the other conference and my own delegation shook my hands and teased me for being a nervous wreck before the award.

The best part of it all was when my mentor appreciated my efforts towards debating.

“It’s a big thing to win two BDs at your two first MUNs. We’re not going to allow you to stop speaking, keep it up.”

The next best part; a member of the dais informing me of the exact moment I won the award.

It may not mean much to people, but the feeling of victory? It’s unmatched.

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