The Music of Sagarveena – Pakistan’s Greatest Invention?

Introducing you to Our Local Legend and Unsung Hero: Raza Kazim

Lawyer by profession, maestro of linguistics, philosophy, and arts, and the founder of Sanjannagar – The school of Philosophy and Arts (SIPA) and the ever-so-genius Sagarveena. Raza Kazim gave us an instrument that has not a single bad resonance, not a single bad tune, not a single irritating sound, absolutely perfect and is insanely complicated. There are only 2 Sagarveena players in the entire world and the concerts hosted around it invite people and listeners from around the world.

The entire instrument is a hand made, pure wood, and gold/copper miracle packed in an amazing lifesized unit that produces melodies that melt callous hearts and tunes that wet your eyes, fill your heart up and turn you into a mushy little feeling furball.

Sagarveena has been perfect over several years, after several edits. It has been changed, adjusted, edited and refined in a way that has made it the crazy-complex gadget like a musical instrument that it is today.

Mother of the band Noori, Sagarveena Player and A woman of many talents: Madam Noor Zehra Kazim

Noor Zehra Kazim is the daughter of Raza, she is a woman of many talents. She is the mother of Ali Noor and Ali Hamza of the band Noori and the only perfectly genius Sagarveena player in the world. You must remember her from her solo from the Paar Chana De: Coke Studio video and song.

To find out more, check her Fascinating journey out:

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