The New ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Movie Trailer Is Not Okay And Here’s Why

For everyone born in the 90’s, turning on our desk top computers while brandishing our new Sega Games CD’s was perhaps the best part of our entire childhood. With dozens of games to choose from, there has to be a reason why Sonic the blue and insanely fast speed demon of a hedgehog has remained the official and most loved mascot of that time.

Which is why when news of a real live adaptation on our favourite character sprung up the internet, there was much excitement and buzz. However, we soon realized that this excitement was to be short lived.

In the past couple of years, real life adaptations and reboots of cult classics such as Cinderella or Aladdin have become popular, the results have either been huge disappointments or adequate successes. There has to be a reason why live adaptations don’t work. And yes, we’re thinking of train wrecks such as Dragon Ball Z and Avatar.

Sonic The Hedgehog’s first trailer, which was released April 30th seems to be going down a similar route. The trailer starts off with the city of San Francisco where our blue CGI ridden friend has come under the radar of the military and the San Francisco Police Department due to his legendary energy surges, which are perceived as a threat. However, reminiscent of many real life adaptations such as the recent Pokemon movie, our love-able anthropomorphic character befriends a SPD officer, AKA James Marsden who is assigned to this case.

The story progresses as the duo team up against the many forces of evil, hell bent on obtaining Sonic’s energy source for themselves including the all evil Dr. Robotnik (played by Jim Carrey) and the action scenes in the movie aren’t all that bad. So, where did it all go wrong? Well, for starters Sonic looks more human than animated hedgehog and is yet still really hard to relate to.

Why the creative team didn’t make Sonic the way he’s meant to be is beyond us. Especially since CGI animation usually gives you that freedom. This isn’t a man playing the part, so why does it look like that?

Fans have even made their own more “realistic” renditions since the trailer has been released;

The other issue stems from the fact that we don’t see the iconic landscape that we have grown up having adventures in. And that is a tad bit disconcerting. 

Moving onto the next problem area. The casting of Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik AKA “Dr Eggman”. Now, don’t get us wrong, Jim Carrey is an absolute treasure and a comedic genius in his own right. Perhaps one of the most versatile actors of our generation, starring Carrey is not the entire issue, however, his take on the equally iconic crazed scientist comes off more as Jim Carrey being himself. As far as we remember the crazy scientist was more egg shaped and less, well long and spindly like Carrey himself is.

A trailer is supposed to give viewers the essence of the entire film to come and this one does no justice to the original we know and love. Carrey’s character seems to take up the limelight and is frankly not how we imagined this to pan out.

And while it might be a bit too soon to consider this adaptation of a legendary video game character as a flop, the trailer isn’t all that promising and especially not enticing enough to draw us to our nearest cinemas this November.

Stay tuned to this space for more!

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