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The Odyssey to Perdition

……then came a man with rather an unpleasant visage, a dead ringer for the Reaper himself, storming in the heretofore abhorrent parade of the deceased, babbling my name. The procession of the corpses was made to back off as they marched around me dancing their bony feet that seemed more like as if they were just gadding soullessly. The grimace over the man’s face turned more disgruntled as soon as his curious eyes came to a halt over me. My body looked tensed and pale all over and my face bore no expressions at all.

A chill ran down my spine as I felt on a parole out of my own body which I was gazing at. The blanched cadaverous figure reappeared now way obvious than ever still murmuring my name. My whole body started palpitating like crazy as the figure approached now bearing an axe. As I saw in horror, the man drew his monstrous axe out over me aiming for the heart.

The band of the dead had stopped whirling around and was standing still, looking pale as ever. I tried to fight back the silence that had circled the area but what came out of my mouth was just a muffled cry. By the time I had managed to mutter some words, the axe had sliced my heart right from the middle. The people in the room had turned all blurred and bleak by this time and tears rolled down over their cheeks as I lay lifeless on the bed more like the bodies that were seemingly to dance to infinite eternity. The defunct had sneers across their bare skin-less teeth and they started twisting their bony skulls in pure delectation.

I was about to be the guest to their so little a procession now, to wait with the march of the dead for more sojourners till nature devours back in what it spat out!

It feels nice not to have skin anymore, feels nice to just be an array of bones and just whirl away to the dark alley ahead, to non-existence!

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