The Other Gender

No matter what a person looks like, what color the person is, how good he is at his studies and co-curricular, there are some people on whose love and support we can always rely upon, and that’s obviously our parents. Parents love their children no matter what happens. This is the unconditional love and support we all can rely upon in our lowest of times to give us a ray of hope, to bring us back to race of life. The ability to love their child despite all the imperfections, is the beauty of parenthood in general. But, in a number of instances our society robs the child of this beautiful love, when it tells the parents that their child is an abomination, something that is a curse from God or a result of their sins; that is when the love gets curbed, that is when the birth of “that thing” turns into curse rather than a blessing.

that thing

Our binary gender bifurcation despite science, reason, logic and reality screaming in our faces that it is not so, that there exists a gender spectrum and not just two genders; that it is not the parent’s or anyone’s fault but just the way things can turn out; still manages to stand tall and continues to ruin lives, continues to force out and alienate those who do not fit into their perfect zero or one. Turns parents love to detest, pushes them out of their homes and to a deprived area to live with “their kind” where they are brought up believing themselves to be inferior, knowing the fact that their families didn’t want them, God is not theirs and the only way they can sustain their life is through begging on signals, dancing or singing at different occasions and selling their bodies.

Transgender Rights Pakistan

They have no place in our perfect world, they are not even humans, they are to stay far away from any attempt at a stable life, because our system has so beautifully alienated them to a place from where they can’t escape.

It is time that we let go of the notions of superiority that we have just by being, by chance, placed into the supposed superior bifurcation and give them a chance at life.

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