The Pixar Shorts That You Didn’t Know About

If you are one of those who’d be standing in line to get their ticket to the next Pixar or Disney movie and are likely to be sobbing when an animated character dies then you’re in for a treat!

Disney and Pixar, both have produced great content when it comes to animated movies. From Toy Story to Coco, we have cried at all. But there is one thing that puts Pixar on step ahead of Disney and those are its shorts – not the jean shorts.

Apart from producing some great animated films in it’s genre they have also produced 20 top-notch short films that as amazing as their films.

Here are our top five:


This one was released alongside Inside Out. However, this one didn’t receive any accolades but it is a good watch. It is a simple story of two volcanoes that are trying to find love. Their story takes place over a thousands of years. One is above the sea and the other one is below, how do they find each other? Watch the video to know!

Despite being released with Inside Out, it has pure Moana vibes to it.

For the Birds

Pixar does love it’s birds and this one actually took home an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film as well as several other awards, including Annie Award and an Award from the Anima Mundi Animation Festival.

It is a short film based on a goofy-looking bird who is trying to fit in with other tiny birds on a wire. They are hostile and unwelcoming but the bird still paves his way through. The rest? Well, you can surely watch this three-minute comedy to know what happens in the end. One thing’s for sure is that it is slapstick comedy gold!

Jack-Jack Attack

This one is bonus for all Incredible’s lovers. This one initially came out as a fun bonus for those who purchased the DVD back in 2005 and unlike the rest it wasn’t meant to be a theatrical release.

The inspiration came from a scene that was cut from the actual feature length film and was later decided to turn into a a short animated film for the movie.

This comical short includes the most loved The Incredibles characters Jack-Jack – who should get his own superhero movie by now. Anyhow, Jack is placed under the guidance of Kari for a while and though Elastigirl is hesitant at first, Kari is confident of her babysitting skills until… Jack displays superhero powers and catches Kari off guard. Rest is all gags!

Luxo Jr

This is special. An animated short that was made in the 80s, though Pixar was doing a great job at animation already, they still weren’t prepared to show the realism that we see in their characters today. While this short was released alongside Toy Story 2 in 199, Luxo Jr took home many awards as well.

They worked at humanizing the inanimate objects and they excelled at it which is why Luxo hold a special place. Their trademark lamp is brought to life in this one.


This won an Oscar, need I say more?

Alan Barillo’s Piper not only took home Oscar but also an Annie Award.

It got the Oscar and there are no questions asked. Piper is no. 1 when it comes to plot. It is a story of a sandpiper who is trying to overcome it’s fear of water. Apart from the plot, the details are to die for. The photo-realistic details will keep you hooked till the end.

If there are any of your favorites that you would like to mention, let us know through the comment section.

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