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The Problems with Public Transport and the Public being Transported

If you’ve ever taken a bus, local trains, or even the subway, you know exactly what I am about to write next. From being short on fare, creepy drivers, to a late night rendezvous with death, we’ve all been through one stage of our life wherein we have vowed not to take public transport again, only to live through the same things another time, because who can afford gas prices, or cars? Public transport is an efficient means of travel for all those who cannot afford their own vehicles, and a good way to reduce the release of toxic fumes into the air. If more people preferred public transport over buying their own cars, there would be fewer fumes, and metallic waste dumps in the world. However, everything is not hunky dory with such means of travel.

Travelling late at night;

There is no shortage of horror stories on the internet about late night travels. Mr. Nightmare on YouTube has videos dedicated entirely toward creepy subway experiences, many of which shake you to the core. For females, it’s never truly safe to travel anywhere at night – thanks to their male counterparts – but public transport, especially buses or trains that are mostly empty should be avoided if possible. As a child, I remember my mother hurriedly dragging me off a mostly empty bus at night, with the few occupants consisting only of males.


Even walking towards the stops is risky, especially when there are thieves waiting in shadowy corners just to empty your wallet, and if you aren’t very impressed by a random person asking for your money or phone, they’ll inspire you with a barrel pressed to your temple. In a crowded transportation shuttle, where many are standing close together, there is the possibility of pickpockets. Your wallet will be snatched away in the blink of an eye from right underneath your nose, and you’ll be clueless about it until you reach for it only to grasp empty air.


It’s a hot summer day, and you’re late to work. The sun is already shining high in the sky, and you’ve barely caught your means of everyday travel. As you squeeze in among the other passengers, you’re grateful you didn’t have to wait for another vehicle, but that gratitude doesn’t last long. Somebody’s purse is digging into your side, and another individual’s elbow hits the side of your head. The bus lurches, and you go crashing into another body, apologizing profusely as you invade their personal space, and cursing internally as your toes are stepped upon. The pungent smell of body odor overwhelms you, and it’s getting hard to breathe. You think of waking up early next time, and just walking, knowing it will never happen, and you’ll forever remain stuck in this sweaty cycle. Sometimes, the transportation is present, but you can’t board because there are already too many folks jammed inside.


Women, children, Trans people, and now an increasing number of men have come forward with stories about getting harassed whilst travelling. Many men will brush by slyly, and then apologize, calling it an accident. Others will blatantly grope you, uncaring of the consequences, especially when they deny any accusations hurled their way, choosing to call the accuser mad, or delusional.

Men consistently ensure that women feel unsafe while alone, or surrounded by a majority of the opposite gender when commuting from one place to the other.

Someone really ought to teach them that nobody likes having their day ruined whilst inside transportation shuttles, and no, they’re not asking for it by being there.


It doesn’t matter if you have money. If you don’t have the change in the hustle and bustle of busy traffic, you’ll be the brunt of anger coming from a lot of impatient people, not to mention the embarrassment one feels when they are told their money can’t be accepted. If you don’t have one of those handy cards you can swipe, you’re done for. It’s additionally mortifying if your card doesn’t have the adequate amount in it, because you forgot to recharge, oops.

Delays and Traffic;

Nobody likes to be late, and if they do, they’re lying. We’ve already mentioned being stuck in an overcrowded bus, so it’s even worse when you have to be there longer than you need to be. Often, traffic causes transportation to be late which can a) suffocate you while you’re inside, or b) worry and frustrate you while you’re waiting for transportation which doesn’t want to show up. Furthermore, being stuck smack dab in the middle of traffic also means a lot of angry vibes passed on by passengers, who cannot even leave the transport, and it’s not as if any of us know how to exercise self-control or patience.

We hope you’ve had a better time travelling through public transport, if not, carry pepper spray, an air horn, and practice holding in your temper next time, because we all know nothing’s really changing.

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