The Silence of the Lambs

My Eid in 584 Words


The goat seller proudly said, stroking the goats he for now owned.
“No, 20,000.” My mom countered, her voice was strong and powerful.


“Ma’am you aren’t making sense. I’ll only give it for 35,000 –no less.”, said the seller.
“No, you are asking for too much. I’ll only give 20,000 for both of them.”, exclaimed my mom who had the conviction to deal further in this humid summer heat.
“Okay, I’ll bring it down to 30,000.”, mumbled the seller.
“No, that’s alright. You can keep your goats. I’ll buy them from someone else.”, My mom proceeded to leave.
“No, wait Ma’am. Listen. I was only joking. You can take them both for the final price of 25,000. If you cannot comply then you can leave”, the seller firmly stated.
Yes, that sounds reasonable.” my mom smirked with joy.

Ugh, it was that time of the year again, I thought to myself. Time for that whole fiasco again and the bloodbaths to be opened. I rolled my eyes and saw as the whole transaction was carried out.

Brought along to understand how to buy lambs when I got older myself.
Yeah sure.

That is how those majestic lambs were brought into my sacred sanctuary.

Blissful of nature but foul of smell, it took us a whole hour of cleaning just to get the putrid smell out.

They were beautiful of face and pure of heart; one wore a white shining coat with black polka dots spread out. The other had a deep brown fur with streaks of golden throughout. Gorgeous beauties truly. Proud they stood, on their four hooves, so graceful so sound.

Like each year we took them to strolls and wandered about unknown streets where we didn’t ever walk alone but with them as companions we dared to explore the unexplored.

The sanguine still exists on the once white walls. Who knows when it will be wiped clean but here it not stays till our maid comes back after Eid.

The lambs gamboled once they saw us coming, they knew when we came it meant either of the two things they enjoyed the most: either prancing around outside or giving them their due nutrition or stroking their head and smothering them with kisses. We truly loved them but it was a day or two before their final day.

Oh, the smell still lingers in truths untold. The stench still emits from where they stood. The odor of blood strikes my nose as I pass those doors where they once stood.

One was named Fatima, the other Abu Bakar, though both were males as only males could be sacrificed (ahem ahem) we wanted to have some fun so we named one a feminine name to have fun being confused talking about them.

Eid approached fast as time sped up and the week was out in no time. We offered the obligatory prayer, shared in the happiness and when we came back to our house we put all the love we had aside as we saw…

Abu Bakar becoming Abu Burger.

This ladies and gentlemen was Eid-ul-Adha for me as concise and as precisely as possible.


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