The Mom, The Couple and The Haram! – Stereotypes Of Road Buddies

Few things that we have learned is that there are stereotypes for everything. Everyone can fit into that generic statement will a few qualities. So just like that, we are bringing you the stereotypes of road buddies.

The Mom

We all know that there is a MOM of the group every time. They are nice, considerate and very caring but apart from this, they are super responsible and cautious about everything everyone is doing. They will always be the one asking important questions, making sure about bathroom trips, counting heads to see everyone is in and most of all they are directing the trip as well, but the last feature is mostly a bonus.

The Couple

On every single trip; where it is with your extended family – because that is the only way us Pakistanis can have fun, in large groups – or your friends, there will always be a cringe couple who are still stuck in their honeymoon phase and refuse to come out of it. You will find them in the corner, huddling close, going everywhere together and asking everyone to take their couple-y photos. They are basically stuck to each other and you have to deal with it.

The Photographer

Well, every group has that. The photographer can be your friend/family member who is actually good at photography or they could simply be the person that has an amazing camera or phone aka, a friend that recently bought iPhone X.

but just know they are always occupied so you better get along with them very well to make the most of your trip.

The Candyman

Well, this one truly deserves another mention because on every trip there is this one designated person that handles all the candy affairs. They have a stash hidden and you never know where all the minty, sour, sweet things flowing from. They like to keep their identity secret because no one should know the candy dealer.

The Napper

Um, yeah, all they do is just nap. I want to have the kind of drug they are having but trust me it is JUST sleep. It’s them, it is a built-in sleep producing hormones, that is somehow really activated when as soon as the car hits the road.

Five minutes in and you’ll find them snoring in a corner somewhere.

The Haram

In families either it is a cousin or one of your most fuckboy friend who is really hot but really big on drugs. Before the trip starts they are asking their trustful people if anyone has any but they never come unprepared either. They make sure they have enough to keep them stoned, doing crazy cr*p during the entire ride.

But we admit that their obsessions with drugs and insistent asking can be annoying sometimes.

The I-Only-Drink-Evion

The name is a huge giveaway but you find them complaining about pretty much everything. They wouldn’t realize that they should have equipped themselves in a way that it wouldn’t be a problem for THEM. But Nah. Their demands will be high and then they will throw shade at everyone who doesn’t fulfill their wish.

The world is NOT a wish-granting factory, Ruksana!

This realization came to me when I, myself, was on a road trip and I started noticing similar patterns. Some that I noticed among two different groups and others that clicked due to media. And, so my journey began observing everyone –¬† in a non-creepy way – and curating their generic personalities that are found in friends groups and families alike when you are traveling.

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