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The Tangible and Intangible Burden On Shoulders

At the age of bruises from outdoor games, students are getting muscle pain from heavy school bag. After medical superintendent at Karachi’s Abbasi Shaheed hospital notified the school boards and media the harmful effect of heavy school bag, causing severe pain in neck, shoulders and back, presently the debate is mainly how incompetent the educational institution is and that technological system should be introduced. Now, for one pioneering strategies can highly be effective without with being costly on parent’s pocket. The introduction of technological system in school may be a step ahead but nobody will be holding hand of underprivileged kids in this walk. The tangible burden on those kids shoulder will go unnoticed just like the intangible (mental) burden on young people.

The Tangible Burden On Shoulders

There is little talk about growing number of adolescent smokers, that too in context of bad influence of media and friend’s company. It’s about time to wonder when a respectable psychiatric will address and notify the cause of this intangible burden on young people because the way the scenario is interpreted is just not the actual case. Meanwhile, on an individual level the light of awareness can be spread among the youngsters, specially targeting the (most victimized) college and university students through teachers.

The Intangible Burden On Shoulders

A campaign/training have just become necessary, not only for the sake of identifying the troubled minded but also to help balance the mental well-being of each individual. A look at well-being from a different perspective could be if western entertainment is capable of influencing the mind in an unhealthy way and surprisingly that doesn’t include romanticizing or concept of love. The diversity of concerning emotions is hidden in these forms of entertainment. Hence, a campaign that will ensure to educate the authoritative figures of an institution on the topic of well-being and thin line between healthy and unhealthy entertainment.

In period of enlightenment, young people are caught up in shadows, which do in a way put light on future productivity of Pakistan. May be a few candle in each hand can illuminate our way to better path.

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