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The Ultimate Lahori Food Guide Tailored For Your Stingy Summer Moods

The season of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) AKA winter blues is finally gone, but, then summer is here. However, don’t let the hot and humid air bring you down, because you are destined for very mouth-gasmic things this season!

Winter, unlike the mercury-blasting summer in Pakistan, is much more friendly to food plans and night outs. Although the tummy needs no reason to growl, pretty food is prettier in winters. So, let your circadian rhythms – your internal body clock beat faster and remain quirky AF, throughout this hot and longest season of them all aka summer.

This bucket list helps you explore it all, mood by mood.

Fancy Night Outdoors, If you’re feeling Flirty

If your mood is leaning towards the fancier side of things then The Burning Giraffe is a hot pick for you. It is intimately lit and it’s beautiful outdoors have a close seating plan, the kind where you do not need to stretch over the table and lean in uncomfortably as your date speaks, a little too loud so they could be heard over the top of the restaurant humdrum. The fairy lights paired with a menu that touches right onto belly-satisfying spots with a super eye pleasing presentation will make your night worth its while.

SRC: Selftaken

Fancy Indoor Hangout, If you crave the Comfy Warmth

If outdoors are not your thing and the cold bothers you a little too much, then the cool and snuggly set up in Mandarin Kitchen is your pick for the day or night. Artisan fusion Chinese and a comforting slash fancy interior with just the right lights for good selfies awaits you. Although I bet Novu has a better deal, especially the kind that serves too but somebody had to talk about this cutie bird nest, say AWW!


Fast Service and Instant Gratification for the Grumpy ones

Summer means mood swings and too much room for experimentation, this means you can have some fun and take all the risks you would not take in winters. Who does not mind a piping hot dessert samosa oozing out chocolatey goodness wrapped in cold ice cream, after all? Yes! It is Awesamosas we are talking about, sweet and savory, hot and chilled, fast and painless, it all comes wrapped beautifully and fried deeply in a samosa dough. The best crunch for the season? All bets are on! And yes, we loved their Tina Sani hangout night last week.

Via @awesamosas Facebook

Kiss The Blues Away, with the Chic of The Cart

The burger cart is your best bet if you want a juicy, meaty, cheesy, burger rebound, Chic of the cart for chicken lovers and Chubby cow if you like it thick! The branch first opened up as a pop-up store in front of the long-burnt TGS in Gulberg. But, it recently reopened in Defence. It has been a hot favorite for the ones returning from the extra-late exhausting Lahori Saturday night raves. Go on, treat yo’self!

A Cure for your Gogo’s and Yummy’s 36 Nostalgia, Comfort Food In Bed

If your parents had a colorful and eventful childhood, they would remember those days, and if you have been lucky enough, then you would know about the old Gogo’s and Yummy’s 36 days too. They invented the local-fast food trend. But, we can all agree that the likes of them have gotten rustic over time. But, there are newer hits in town taking over their place in our hearts.

Cafe Delice in Bank Square, Model Town gives you that insanely affordable per head for food that ranges from club sandwiches, pasta, individual ala carte Chinese options to wraps and fried food. So is there space for some fragrant smashin in your bed?

Throwing It Back To The Taste of The Carefree Days

If your childhood nostalgia makes you crave the good old caramel toffee flavor and some fragrant vanilla then Butler’s Signature Caramel Sundae should be your holy grail this season. Out of all things they do, nothing matters other than this and you will keep returning back to them for this on and on and on.

SRC: Selftaken

If You Have Done and Dusted Everything In The City, for when you are too Bored

City Cafe Lhr. Is definitely something you need to try out, the lasagna and artisan pizza will leave your mouth quivering with a need for more. The do some hands-down best in town Entrees including crazy Gourmet burgers. 

If You Bleed Green To The Core, let Sholay helps you get cozy

Pump up the Serotonin – the happy chemical, in your system this summer with a great desi Karahi, perhaps people disagree, but if you like your Karahi, hot, spicy and with the right amount of oily goodness then head down to Model Town’s Karahi. This gives Model Town’s ever so famous Bhaiyya kebabs some serious competition!

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