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The universal Mantra of Mathematics

Here's why you should fall in love with the science of numbers

A good grade in math may have gotten you to the college of your dreams but there’s more reason to love it than just that: it’s something to fantasize about. Don’t believe it? Take a regular sheet of paper and start folding. If the piece of paper were big enough to be folded 50 times, Mathematcian Sáenz de Cabezón says, “its thickness would extend almost the distance from the Earth to the Sun.” It’s a strange drill on mathematical proof. “Your intuition tells you it’s impossible,” he says. “Do the math and you’ll see it’s right. That’s what math is for.”



While numerical studies are not the best thing you remember (or may still be experiencing) in high school, mathematicians have found the act of studying the science having the likeness of the quest of a thinker in search for truth. Not only does it operates on creativity, it can be great in the light of statistical research to prove your intuition wrong and change the dimensions of your thought process when slammed by some tough statistical proof against its beliefs.





Math is universal and timeless. Unlike other sciences that have theories that may gradually find an anti-thesis against themselves, math leaves no room for conjecture. Whether it’s the “eureka!” moment that lead to finding differences in volumes or a theorem, the science in such aspects really lasts forever.



The science is not subjective or restricted. Answers don’t support one side of the story but rather accuracy. The universal language is not reserved for a particular creed, color or cast. Anyone who wants to learn and exceed at the language of variable, constants, exponentials, and quadratics is welcome. The winner is never determined by some subjective criterion of sociological stigma, but by the right answers. Considering every science or discipline may have certain theories maintaining the domination and trendiness due to the subjective motives of a certain party funding researches, mathematics is a science liberated of that maneuver. For pure mathematics, no expenses are required. A thirst for the right answer is enough. What could be more wholesome, inclusive and accepting, with nothing running its progression except the quest for the truth that is not confined by the constraints of time or place?



Believe it or not, mathematics will let you solve real life problems completely unrelated to numbers, according to Clancy Blair, a professor of psychology at NYU. The reasoning, problem-solving skills, behavior, and the ability to self-regulate that is required by the act of solving mathematical concepts can allow you to become more rational in your views. These skills are associated with the pre-frontal cortex part of the brain, which continues to develop into your early 30s. Solving maths problems improves how the brain functions and, according to Mr Blair, this can translate into the ability to earn more money and form stable relationships.

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