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The Winds of Change have Blown

Not anymore

“Umm… what?” My boss raised an eyebrow after listening to my demand.

I repeated with the utmost of clarity once more, “I wish to resign from this job.”

The boss once more gave me the most confused of stares and raised his eyebrows in surprise, “But… but why?”

I gulped for even I did not know the answer to that.

My life begun with 12 years of school study. I finished my O levels in 2 years and A Levels in another 2 years, both with average grades. After that I applied to quite a few art universities, and gave their entrance exam: some I failed in miserably, some I passed with the barest of marks and that is how I ended up studying in one of the worst ones.

For the next 4 years, I studied in an unknown arts institute that no one knew about and gained an arts degree in film, media and design. After completing my degree and making my parents proud (I think they were proud –can’t say as they always have such dead expressions) I applied to jobs, quite often to start paying for my own self and finally get independent from my family and start one of my own.

It was around 3 months after I had achieved my degree that I was given a job as a content writer in one of the local newspapers. I was jolly happy thinking that I could FINALLY be independednt though I was quite dumbfounded when I was told that I was only going to be paid 18 thousand per month to live my life in and my budget exceeded 20 thousand already.

That’s when I began to bring my budget down, cut short on many extravaganzas, fancy stuff, and brought it under 20K, though it was still hard to manage on my own so I had to stay with my family.

After that I worked for that company for about 4 more years till I was finally promoted to the status of the Editor, but… being the Editor had no extra benefits (sigh) as the compensation was the same but the work was exponentially greater.

It was extremely unfair but hey, a jobs a job and this place’s job was to suck the life out of its employees.

Life was going all good and slow and bad but on 2nd February I suddenly had the notion to follow my passion and become a drama teacher. I don’t know how. I don’t know how I ‘d even survive I didn’t even have an extra job as a backup but today was my calling and I knew it because when I woke up I knew I was going to make a difference today or live my life as I did right now, slowly wasting away into nothingness.

And so here I stand. Signing my resignation letter. Completely jobless now. Not knowing where to go except for one direction that is also quite clouded at the moment. But I do know, if there is a will there is a way and I shall grab hold of this opportunity myself. And no one, no one this time, is going to stop me.

Not even myself.

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