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Theater – A Whites Only Area?

Where are all the colours in Theater?

Seeing old classic movies

There is one thing you’ll probably notice if you keep an eye out. There are extremely few people of color or different races as actors. All there are is white actors, directors, producers, and writers. Not a single speck of color among them.

In recent years the theater industry has become far more colorful place than it was before. Before, people of colour were forced to play minor roles and all the major roles were given to people with a fair complexion which would result in catastrophes such as a fair-skinned dude being smothered in black paint to get the perfect complexion when there were dark-skinned people and exceptionally good actors who could perform that role. Anyhow, that kind of stuff did happen. Thankfully now it’s less but it still exists.

Diversity in the theater must go beyond what is seen on stage – although that in itself is an issue – it must stretch to the writers, directors, producers, and teachers of a theater so that diversity is no longer something one has to go out of their way to get.

We need to think of other methods with which we would be able to coordinate individuals from all ethnicity into the theater and use them to the best of their abilities. Though for some reason white directors, seem to put people of color in stereotyped roles thus disregarding their true potential and stopping them from doing their best.

Occasionally roles will require performing artists from specific racial backgrounds for historical or logical reasons, yet when the main parts dark ladies can get are that of slaves, maids and single mums, we need to put our hands up and concede there is an issue. Truly, ethnic minorities are getting more parts, yet they don’t get similar openings.

Lamentably not every person takes after this control and individuals are frequently not given roles due to what they resemble. For instance, how might my black friend is given a role as the girl in a white family? In spite of the fact that it appears to be earth-shattering to a few people it truly is very straightforward. Her mom, stepfather, and sister are white British and in spite of the fact that she may tan more and her hair is considerably frizzier than theirs, her family will be the same amount of as my mixed race father as my mother is. In the present society there are no principles with respect to what a family resembles, so for what reason are directors as yet endeavoring to comply with the white nuclear family that is currently far less uncommon in present-day Britain or the world at that?

We may be a long way off getting true diversity on the stage but we can do the smallest of things to encourage diversity, whether that be by supporting theater from people of all races and ethnicity to be on our stages, encouraging children from mixed backgrounds to attend drama clubs or simply telling our theaters what we want to see more of.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated and are extremely vital in helping the growth of industries so be the one to tell industries if they require to change. 


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