Things Your Parents Forgot To Teach You, Story of Our Lives!

Pakistan is a nation that stands tall on the sacrifices it made to build its name, mark its territory and develop its own society with its very special and intricately woven culture and values. Now, it’s easy for any nation to get lost in the mix, to get divided in the tug of war between the eastern ideas and western, oriental philosophy, Islamic, liberal thought and what not right, so everybody develops their own version of the ideological spectrum, some pick the best of socialism and capitalism, some pick apart nuances of their own culture and try to amend them, but, the bottom line is that every nation at some point in time exhausts itself in trying to build its ideological spheres and in the search of its identity. While we as a nation are still exploring, the exhaustion is not far.

People strive their entire lives in finding the true meaning of life and the purpose. In the case of organized religions, the narrative simplifies and it really becomes so basic that people submit thoughtlessly, perhaps through strong emotions and timeless loyalties that they call faith.

In other cases, people could not care less about virtues like being kind and affectionate and genuine, outside of their religious confines and the morality they deduce from religion, their religion.

And somewhere in the mix of all of the above variations of people we lie, our generation. The digital gen Z, gen X, millennials, we who form the keyboard jihadis, the social media comrades, the rebels, the unashamed, the fearless. We are from all kinds of backgrounds, stories, pains, and insecurities. But, so are our parents. They come from twisted times, changing global airs, bold pop culture, extreme opinions of Mullahs who wanted to put Fatwas on Nazia and Zoheb, saying they promote incest and well, a lot of episodes that sow the seeds of the intolerance in the nation that we see today.

Here is something we should know, and that, I wish, all our parents knew when we all were growing up:

  1. That it is okay to know things, ideas that are floating around in the world, understanding what Queer means, will not make you Queer.
  2. Logically arguing a point does not mean that you are converting to another religion, another ideology or school of thought.
  3. Being kind is a virtue, it means to be sensitive to all other humans, animals, emotions, ideas and well, everything. THIS INCLUDES LIZARDS, SNAKES, JEWS, CHRISTIANS, MUSLIM VARIATIONS ALL GENDERS, ALL RACES.
  4. It is never okay to splash dirt onto each other in an argument based on ideas, never get personal, thought experiments are to enable growth, enable thought expansion and human evolution. Try to learn when there is an opportunity.
  5. Listening is gold. Develop it. Better listeners make better leaders. Being a leader is great, being a creative person is great, being artsy is great, everything sells, so nothing you do will go to waste unless you do nothing to change yourself and the things around.
  6. Life is simpler when you always keep an open mind, use no labels, and hurt nobody.
  7. You Do You! That is the coolest thing ever!

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