Tick Tock Goes the Clock Part IV

I woke up from an uneasy dream, cold, too cold for my liking. Even in partial consciousness, I could feel something…different, something not me, not my room and not anyone else around me. It rushed around me, covering the space between me and the room, separating me from the rest of the world.

I couldn’t understand it, couldn’t wake up from it and I knew that sleep wouldn’t come. Stuck in some sort of limbo, I grew irritated. None of us really know what it feels like to be a baby, those parts of our life long gone as we grow up. At that moment, I felt like wailing. As if I were a fussy child, who could only grow angrier, never calm.

So, I wailed.

It sounded like a fire alarm, the bewitched kind as it rose in volume around me, until my mouth was left gaping open and my eyes bulging out of my head, yet seeing nothing. I only saw a blizzard, a vast land of white as an unimaginable cold possessed me. I never knew I was capable of such sounds.

The blizzard swirled around me, drawing in closer, crowding me in, pushing itself inside of me and I…didn’t fight back. I was too week.

But then, another presence intervened between us.


What was this warmth? We didn’t – it – didn’t like it. It was intruding upon us. What was happening was private, it was nobody else’s business-

It was ours

It was ours

It was ours

It was ours


The dream shattered and I could breathe again.

It bursts like icy shards meeting their end, fragmenting into a million pieces. They glinted in the air, like water droplets, suspended in time, not yet ready to let go and then…

They did not fall alone; they took me with them. I fell from where I was suspended…above…into a figure?

I didn’t care. I was mad, I was cold and drained of everything that made me who I was. This time, I cried instead. I cried and squirmed. Pain, the dull, throbbing kind took over me. I would have preferred to deal with the sharpness instead I was met with this blanket that swept underneath my skin and into my veins.

My blood, I sobbed, my blood.

I clenched my hands and pushed and fought as much as I could but to no avail. Yet another specter trying to hurt me.

I didn’t know how long I swept in and out of the madness, but when I did, I knew warmth. It was the kind that agonized the…the dream? The ice? What was it?

I was being held. Someone was crooning to me and I mostly saw shades and hues of burnt, inflamed red. The pain had deserted me and I burrowed deeper into the warmth as it hummed at me. I let it heal me until my eyes opened. We were in front of the fireplace in my house, the large one in the old living room which we didn’t use much.

The arms around me gleamed in the light of the fire.

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