Top Ten Ridiculous Myths About STDs

Here's a compilation of the most absurd myths about STDs on the round!

Welcome to Sex Ed 101: what are sexually transmitted diseases and what myths should I avoid when discussing them?

Since very few people in Pakistan are educated about sex let alone diseases transmitted through sexual contact, the only way in which we end up learning anything about STDs is through fiction, movies, and our elders – three of the worst ways to learn anything about topics that revolve around sex. Fiction promotes ridiculous tropes, movies gloss over the entire concept and your elders talk about it in confusing symbols that have little or nothing to do with the topic at hand. Abstinence is regarded as the highest form of chastity and therefore anyone who does contract a sexually transmitted disease is blamed for having sex in the first place and given lots of unsolicited advice.

Following in the same path, here are the worst, most ridiculous STD myths which will introduce you to a whole new world of knowledge. You’re welcome!

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